wow so much went down this week...

duncan- the writers have finally got there act together with him. what could be a more fitting punishment then to turn duncan into the thing he hates most... a hero. him crying for that bird= priceless. but i knew he knew mike from juvy. but now that duncan has spilled the beans about him, he might not be here long.

mike- they need to stop having evil mike breaking things and have him eliminate someone, so far he's the worst villain on this show, hopefully next week kicks him in gear

zoey- how does zoey top ratting out her own boyfriend last week, by assuming something is wrong with him and talking with about it. i smell a gxt-ish break up coming....

cameron/sierra- again, why do they continue to waste space

gwen- you go girl, making friends with cameron and finally breaking through with courtney, good job

Courtney- once again, she has really made some progress. despite her jab at cameron (it was funny), she finally made the first step to fixing things with gwen. and that brings me to...

scott- he truly is a joy to watch this season. there is no doubt now that scott genuinely cares for courtney. and it's great that she feels the same way. it's only a matter of time before they officially become the best post tdi ship lol

heather- i so knew she would try to betray al, but i honestly feel like this was a big bactrack for her. she should of just took the idol with her. that was a big lapse in judgement

alejandro- i never thought he would be the one to use the idol. now that he voted of his main interest, i dont see him lasting long. his whole plot was dependent on heather, with her gone, he just got alot more bland

overall i give it an 8,5/10 best episode yet

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