just like the title says post how you think a season 5 should playout in order to be the best season ever. please include who you think should compete, where it should be set and how long should it be or specific plot points you want to make. so far this is what i got.

1 contestants: all 38 contestants from seasons 1-4 would return. i was a little iffy as to how this could be done but certain characters need to make up the screentime they so desperatly need.

2 setting: being that tdri was set back in the island, season 5 should head back to the filmlot from tda. tda did have such a diverse sett of scenery so it could accomadate the large cast. if the producers decide to go some where new, it should be an area not seen in world tour.

3 Length: the season should be 40 episodes long with a good bye special. being that tdri was a half season, the other half would be added on to form one mega season. it would basically be a 1.5 season with 1 extra episode and a goodbye special. the season lenth would allow 1 person to go in every episode so there wont be any filler episodes. it would be more then enough to end the crowd favorites plotlines on a good note which ill get into later while also giving the underdogs all the screentime they need to be remembered when the show ends. the special would serve as the final good bye to all the characters. we would find out what they do after the show and give td the everybody lives happily ever after ending and not the rushed cliffhanger ending like tdwt.

4 specific characters plots: certain characters i feel are getting the shaft by the writers so i'll just highlight who i thinks need to be improved

A Trent: Trent was a undeniable fan favorite in season 1. you will meet very few td fans who say they did not like tdi trent. tda trent is another story. the writers needed a justifiable reason to break up gxt to make way for dxg. so they decide to make trent a complete mess. he develops a 9 obsesion he never had in tdi, even though he had plenty of airtime in season 1 in which this was never shown or hinted to in any way. and then afterwards, they make him a background character. if tdri was the last season, all trent would be remembered for is being gwens ex who went crazy. my hopes is that in season five he finally breaks out of gwen's shadow and becomes his own character, one who could make it far in the competition. as long as they do that it doesn't matter if he gets back with gwen or not though i would like to see gxt reunite for personal reasons.......

B Courtney. outside of the dxc fandom, not that many td fans like courtney, and as the seasons progressed, more reasons to not like her surfaced. in tdi, she was the girl who was nice outside of the competition but mean and overdramatic during the competition. she did loosen up towards the end of her run but all that progress was lost when she got the boot. in tda, she became a sue happy brat who has random talents for every situation she was in. the only part of her that resembled the old courtney was her hot/cold relationship with duncan. it seemed liked in tdwt the writers were finally going to let courtney get back on her feet. she made friends with gwen, took the blame for losing a challenge and showed concern for others. but the minute she found out about dxg, she went back to her tda worst times 2. she threw challenges, flirted with other guys and constantly complained. worst of all, by the end of the season she just seems like duncan's phycho ex, singing songs about how much duncan and gwen stinks. it just feels like the writers will never let courtney get the redemption she desperatly needs. my hopes for season 5 is that the courtney realizes how bad she's been acting and become more likeable. her only friend is bridgette and she could use more people to talk to. courtney also needs to apologize to duncan for not apreciating him for who he is and either get him back or move on. i would prefer if she got him back though

C Alejandro. him, ezekial and a few others should be returned back to normal. turning them into circus freaks just made the show way to unrealistic

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