well, this episode sucked. this heros villain label is a real joke, heros who should be villains, villains who should be heros. it's just one big mess.

duncan- Duncan to the Heroes squad? they're seriously trying to ignore all the bad Duncan has done. and as if that's not bad enough, duncan's first move on the heroes squad is to annoy his ex-girlfriend. the same one he cheated on 2 seasons ago. what does gwen see in this a@#$@#$%^. there's just no redeeming him at this point.

sierra- sierra making Cameron the new cody was predictable the moment it happened. not only was that bad to watch, it was just a rehash of the tdwt cody plot. that and she is just as crazy as ever

cameron- ^ it's sad that they have to reuse a previous plot to add any relevence in cameron

scott- scott was one of the few redeeming points I have for this episode, given his pain magnet history and humbleness I actually think he would make a better swap out than Duncan. one of the few characters i whole heartedly enjoy watching this season 

heather-heather and jo butting heads got old real fast, her little bit with gwen was funny though.

alejando- alejandro was meh. his denial over heather is getting really sappy and repetitive.

zoey- zoey was a real threat and is actually kicking but with mike no where to be found. she was a bit of a sue but i'll take it over damesel in distress zoey. i really hope that mike's evil side adds some real drama in her relationship. something that's been notably absent from this pairing

mike- speaking of which, evil mike so far hasn't made a big impression on me. hopefully a first victim might change that. i like that this one is canceling out his other personalities

jo- obvious eliminationation is obvious elimination. it's a shame because she had potential for more. but hey, we gotta have cannon fodder so duncan can make top 5 right? /sarcasm

sam- sam was useless again, he's really shaping up to be the new owen. all he needs is some fart jokes and to lose the gameboy

courtney- using sam as a shield I called. it was kinda bad, i'll admit that but i'd rather her get swapped for gwen who is currently doing good than Duncan who does one good thing lost in a sea of bad things. and now that i think about the reasoning for her being swapped was total bull. if being pragmatic is villainous then i guess cameron should be swapped for taking a shot at dxg while their back was turned, aswell as zoey. that's just lazy writing. her telling duncan so what was epic. but her gwen glare downs is getting old.

gwen- just when i thought she was going to start being redeemed and wake the hell up, she falls flat again. duncan "saving'" her is more of a relational obligation than a heroic deed. it was a good thing that he did that but it wasn't enough to make her completly forget the most revealing truth that she just realized, that duncan doesn't understand the first thing about her. her having the team cooperate was good but the running gag at the end where she begins to question weather or not she really is evil was a big low for me. i really hope that doesn't go anywhere. she needs to reconcile with courtney and dump duncan. so that duncan can be forever alone and this triangle can die already i feel like deep down, she knows duncan is not good for her, but her desires is clouding her judgement.

the challenge- duncan said it best, lame and unoriginal. the new twist barely helped

the swap- you already know how i feel about it. on the bright side, this sets up a cxd reconcilaiation. but there's also the inevitable AxCxH triangle shutters

I give this episode a 4/10.

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