so in the last blog, i took a look at the triangle and came to certain conclusions about it. after viewing the last two episodes, my stance has changed. so in this blog i want to discuss a serious topic regarding the fallout of the dxg break up

so after watching moon madness, i was in a jam. for two straight years i told people this was going to happen, but when it finally does, i feel pissed at myself for being right. and here's why

1 i was finally starting to warm up to dxg. duncan jumping in front of the leeche was the most genuine thing he's done for a girl. it was a real nod to his tdi days. this should of spearheaded their relationship in the right direction

2 it's sets up a new triangle between duncan courtney and scott. i can't tell you how happy i am for court that she moved on to someone who fits better with her. to those saying scott is a duncan clone, since when has duncan ever been okay with courtney wearing the pants/ maybe when there chasing the same goal, but their relationship since day 1 was always a struggle for dominance. scott however, is completly different from duncan in that regard. i understand more has to be shown on scotts part, but him openly showing concern for courtney in food fright makes him more sincere until proven otherwise. on duncan's best day, he has never been proud enough to show concern for her well being. which brings me to this...

3 the last thing i want is for the writers to backtrack on courtneys progress just to revive dxc. knowing the writers obvious bias for duncan, i wouldn't put it past them to reunite duncney by derailing courtney into ignoring how much of an a#$ duncan has been and leave scott hanging. seriously, this should be the season where duncan's karma houdini act dies already.

and the main point i would like to address, i know the dxg break up was rushed and handled poorly but cmon people, duncan deserves this. double gold at the babe olympics anyone? he is and has always been an egotistical, sexist, narcissistic, remorseless, pretenshous B*&^#$@. it was ok when he was shown to have a good side but lets face it, it's been long dead since tdwt. i'll never forget when the original cast were together during the tdwt finale and not a single person had the guts to tell him off. that was the moment i realized the writers truly favor him over everyone else. if this were ANYONE else, we wouldn't here the end of it and you guys know that. regardless of who you ship in the triangle, we all agree that is was mostly duncans fault. yet who really gets a majority of the hate in the entire fandom, either gwen or courtney. you see what's wrong there. i know i previously said that no one deserves karma and everyone should get the best outcome but i'm sorry, duncan deserves to be treated like @#$%. the sooner we stop sympathizing with him because gwen was being "bipolar", the better.

ps- don't waste you're time telling me you don't believe in karma or fairytales. the show places a heavy emphasis on this ideal so stop using this as an excuse to defend duncan's bs. if heather, alejandro and scott got their just deserves for their bad deeds then so should duncan

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