so the two common roles of a story are the protagonist and antagonist. but is it always that black and white? well you have to consider if the character is a hero, villain or neutral. so in this post i would like to inform you all on the many different kinds of protagonists and antagonists.

1 heroic protagonists- characters who are both the main focus and have genuine heroic qualities. their antagonist genrally tend to be villains or neutral

2 neutral or anti-heroic protagonists- same as the first one except the character has both heroic and villainous traits. their antagonists tend to vary from heroic to villainous.

3 villainous protagonist- characters with villainous qualities and are the main focus their antagonists tand to be herioc or neutral.

4 heroic antagonists- characters who oppose the protagonist that have heroic quallities. the protagonists tend to be villains or neutral.

5 neutral or anti-heroic antagonists- opposes the protagonist and has heroic and villainous qualities. their protagonist can vary from hero to villain.

6 villainous antagonist- opposes the main character and has mostly villainous traits. they are usually the most common. their protagonists tend to be heroes or neutral.

so what is the point of this wall of text? it is a growing concern that certain characters are the source of heavy debate about the roles they played in the past or currently. having a better understanding of said roles gives us a better grasp of what said characters are all about. understand that just because a certain character is an antagonist doesn't mean their bad. and just because a certain character is a protagonist doesn't mean their good. thank you for your time

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