based on his current interaction so far, scott is argueably the one competitor from tdri with the most development. he has been a character who's been at the forefront of controversy prior to tdas(such as weather or not he would compete this season lol) in this blog, i will examine his run as the main villain of tdri and evaluate it. aswell as speeculate where his plot could be going after moon madness.

strategy- scott's main strategy was to pick off his own teammattes to give the other team a false sense of pride, then individually pick them off aswell. now in hindsight, this strategy is high risk/ high reward. on the bad side, throwing challenges is very risky. so is pinning the blame on someone else. another problem is that it basically leaves scott with no allies once the merge happens. a strategy like this basically puts you at a disadvantage. the only people who could pull this off are those who are truly independent, bold or cocky. so how does scott manage to pull this off? by using his skills. it's also worth noting that he actively seeks advantages , such as the immunity idol, as opposed to luckily finding them

skills-  scott is extremely crafty as he has resorted to sabatoge, spying, blackmail, manipulation and setting traps. his biggest elimnation caused was dawn in that he not only set her up, but made a fake chris head that dwn found after finding a real one, thus guaranteeing her fate. love him or hate him this was pretty elaborate. i can't think of elimination cuased by a villain that was this well thought out. and sculpting dummy idols was extra sneaky.

overall scott is probably the third best villain on the show behind heather and alejandro. he's like a td version of starscream. cowardly and cocky yet crafty and coniving. he didn't cause as much damage as either of those two, nor was his plans that great. but when it comes to cunning, this guy was a real threat, i honestly think he is amore realistic villain than al the god player but will save that for another day.

future plots?- so far he's been fleshed out pretty well in tdas. he still has his head in the game searching for the idol, but is actually a team player. and his potential thing for courney is fll of potatntial but before i touch on that. let's talk brick for a second. did anyone who watched scotts confessional last episode think "deja vu"? brick also needs to be dominated. and brick also has exstensive cadet training, similiar to how scotts dad being in the military. this would of have led to a potential friendship brick competed instead of sam. but yet again the writers overlook a great plot. another thing i noticed, look at scotts original design and look at brick. see the similarities? why wasn't this touched on in tdri i'll never know.

being that duncan is  potentially jealous of scott and courtney, this could lead to tentsion between scott and duncan. weather or not scott is genuine about courtney..... based on what i've seen, they've already explained why scott responds well to courtney's orders, as well as having him openly show concern for her in food fright. until proven otherwise, i say he's genuinely attracted to her. now with the idol and courtney being emphasozed for his plot, i potentially see him finding the idol, but as a true sign of development, he gives it to her. and depending on how they handle the situation, it can be really sweet or really sappy. i hope for the former. thanks for reading

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