yeah.... let me just get to it

heather- her faking aljandro out was hilarious. she fooled me lol. this is the best heather's been since tdwt

alejandro- aww he cares, but he was scared of nice heather lol. he needs to drop the hand walking act already

scott- i'll say this before and i'll say this again, best breakout character of the season. the angry bird scott was too funny. it seems like the more i find out about scott, the more and more i like his thing for courtney. and speaking of which

courtney- this is the best she's been this season. her affection for scott is adorable. from missing him when he was gone to showing concern for him and not wanting him to leave for bony island. and the whole cute like donkey with a wig LMAO. this ship is too good. and she is finally breaking through with gwen which is great

gwen- just when i was starting to be okay with dxg, it just ends. it's funny because i called this two years ago and now that it has happened, i actually don't like it. i understand where she was coming from and all the blame falls on...

duncan- this is his worst episode since i see london. the writers did hint at this at the premeire, but i did not expect for him to be completly jeolous over courtney. it felt rushed, poorly written and just makes duncan look like an even bigger d**che than he already was. i'm literally about to derank him after this lol. looks like i'm back on the #foreveraloneduncan team. him knowing evil mike is the last plot he has left, after that he goes bye-bye.

zoey- i find it funny that she was the only one smart enough to notice mike being evil yet is completly blindsided by his charm. things between her and mike are heating up

mike- evil mike is realy starting to kick in. cant wait to see what he has in mind.

cameron/sierra- im lumping these two together because either one of them going home would of been great. but no they switch cameron to the evil team which makes no sense. and sierra truly is a waste of space. she should of went home as she was the one who goofed up but whatever

overall 7/10

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