wow, was i surprised how good this episode was. let me get right into it

Courtney- 2 steps foward and one step back. i like how she felt bad after listening in on gwen but her trying to get gwen out was low. girl you need to forgive her and let it go. her interactions with scott were adorable, reminds me of tdi duncney lol. and who could for get the green jello LMAO

Scott- it's official, he is the best tdri character to watch right now. he is crushing on courtney hard. i can't believe this but i actually am onboard with this ship. it caught me by surprise. and them accidently hugging at the end! muy bueno

Cameron- i laughed so hard when the bear pissed on him.

Duncan- he's getting softer than a marshmellow and honestly it's an improvement. it's about time he stoped acting like a D$%^. and his interaction with mike was interesting. maybe he might know something about mike...

Gwen- i was so suprised by her confessional, she came back for court. they're definately bringing back the cxg friendship. all we need is a genuine apology and gwen is completly redeemed but she's on her way

heather- her barf line at scottney was hilarious. and of course the aleheather business continues

alejandro- his battle with sam had me on the edge of my seat. glad he's still in

mike- still not impressed with evil mike but he's getting there

Zoey- she was non existant this episode so meh

sam- his elimination was predictable at first but when the ceremony happened it threw me a little. oh well, he did contribute for his team this episode so far well

all in all i give it an 8/10 great episode

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