sierra - finally she's gone, thank the heavens

duncan - him working with zoey to take down mal is interesting, so clearly he's sticking around for a while. and the "being nice" punishment is really funny and well deserved on his part

zoey- it's taking her too long to figure out the deal with mal, she needs to get with the program

mike/mal- man did he beat izzy senseless, major pwnage

courtney- her best episode yet, she finally forgave gwen. need i say more

gwen- she finally succeeded in the redemption arc she was long over do

alejandro- owned his brother and admits his feeling for heather. his plot is done though

cameron- he finally got rid of sierra, now he can go home to lol

scott- didn't do much but the match against fang was hilarious dat reaction

9/10 best episode yet. 

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