• David117

    tdpi finale review

    July 19, 2014 by David117




    yup, best season since tdi bar none for me.

    5 dave. he really became spiteful after sky's revalation. for once he actually had some balls.

    4 sky. i was about to rage when she fake kissed dave and the revalation didn't help until she confirmed that she actually did like dave. she made mistakes but at the end of the day she was sincere about why she was here but deep down she actually cared about him. i'm currious to see the other ending

    3 jasmine. i like that she was more hurt then mad at shawn's confessional, goes to show that she genuinely cares about him and her concern overcoming her anger speaks volumes about how much she's grown.

    2 shawn. he finally has his priorities figured out. i like that he didn't win it for h…

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  • David117

    ok i'll admit it

    July 14, 2014 by David117

    3 episodes in and this is already the best the show has been since the first half of tdwt. jazmine is a surprise hit for me, her and shawn are already my favorites. the twins turned out to be a total surprise, i thought they would be a katie and cadie rehash but boy was i wrong. really liked samey standing up for herself thanks to jazmines pep talk. the cannon fodder i mean beardo and the wizard had their moments but left approriately. the purple haired kid is surprisingly funny, so is sugar. sky felt like a zoey rehash until she said she wasn't focsusing on boys but winning, instantly making her better than zoey. dave, the character i had the highest hopes for, so far is a bit of a letdown. rodnie is delusional but funny. and topher is su…

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  • David117

    (Suckers Punched) Review

    October 23, 2013 by David117

    sierra - finally she's gone, thank the heavens

    duncan - him working with zoey to take down mal is interesting, so clearly he's sticking around for a while. and the "being nice" punishment is really funny and well deserved on his part

    zoey- it's taking her too long to figure out the deal with mal, she needs to get with the program

    mike/mal- man did he beat izzy senseless, major pwnage

    courtney- her best episode yet, she finally forgave gwen. need i say more

    gwen- she finally succeeded in the redemption arc she was long over do

    alejandro- owned his brother and admits his feeling for heather. his plot is done though

    cameron- he finally got rid of sierra, now he can go home to lol

    scott- didn't do much but the match against fang was hilarious dat reac…

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  • David117

    no egg review

    October 15, 2013 by David117

    wow so much went down this week...

    duncan- the writers have finally got there act together with him. what could be a more fitting punishment then to turn duncan into the thing he hates most... a hero. him crying for that bird= priceless. but i knew he knew mike from juvy. but now that duncan has spilled the beans about him, he might not be here long.

    mike- they need to stop having evil mike breaking things and have him eliminate someone, so far he's the worst villain on this show, hopefully next week kicks him in gear

    zoey- how does zoey top ratting out her own boyfriend last week, by assuming something is wrong with him and talking with about it. i smell a gxt-ish break up coming....

    cameron/sierra- again, why do they continue to waste space


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  • David117

    Scott revisited

    October 15, 2013 by David117

    based on his current interaction so far, scott is argueably the one competitor from tdri with the most development. he has been a character who's been at the forefront of controversy prior to tdas(such as weather or not he would compete this season lol) in this blog, i will examine his run as the main villain of tdri and evaluate it. aswell as speeculate where his plot could be going after moon madness.

    strategy- scott's main strategy was to pick off his own teammattes to give the other team a false sense of pride, then individually pick them off aswell. now in hindsight, this strategy is high risk/ high reward. on the bad side, throwing challenges is very risky. so is pinning the blame on someone else. another problem is that it basically …

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