Audition Tape

Hi my name is Mike.I am auditioning for Total Drama mainly because of my skills.I can be athletic,tough,a survivor,and a bit cranky.Well I just hope my condition wont get in the way.What is this film thingy whippersnapper.Quiet down Chester.Hey yo what is the camera for.Vito stay down.SVETLANA SHALL WIN ZE COMPETITION.A survivor like me dont need this.Ignore these guys.There just a comedy routine heheheheehhe.

Opening Confessional

This place is a toxic waste dump.How could anyone camp here.Stop complaining whipersnapper this place isnt so bad.Svetlana thinks this will be easy.Well guess what Vito thinks its to shut up.Quiet guys Mikes comin back to me.Like I said there a comedy routine.

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