So some of us have probably seen the storyboard for episode one. Based on it, I've decided to give my two cents on what the characters are probably like.

Beardo: Soundbox. He just makes noises. Granted it's part of him getting over his shyness as seen in his audition tape extra, but he would get bland pretty fast. Might be one of the first few out.

Leonard: D&D Fanatic/Wizard. Our token nerd of the season, he already made on reference to LotR, and will probably make a bunch of magic-related jokes at physical expense. Might last, might not, probably out a bit before the merge hits.

Skye: Gymnast. She seems fairly athletic, and the polar opposite of Tyler. Will be a force to be reckoned with, but will be percieved as a threat before being eliminated. She'll make it far methinks.

Ella: Disney Princess. Can it get any more obvious? Singing, dressing like a princess, animals following her? She's definetly interesting and I'd want to see how they evolve her, but I have a sinking feeling she won't last long.

Sugar: Pretty in Pink. Defines the classic stereotype of a little girl, likes sugar and glitter, believes in magic, and wants a pony. Could also be some hillbilly/trailer park girl, but I won't make that much of an assumption yet. Hard to say with her, I find her a bit annoying, so I hope she won't make it past the merge.

Dave: Cynic. While Noah may have been this in the first few seasons, Dave seems to have more general screentime and moments and is more practical. I can see him going far.

Shawn: Zombie Survivalist. Based on his one confessional, I can see this. The way he dresses also makes him ready to look like he's ready for a zombie apocalypse. His name is also a direct reference to "Sean of the Dead" which just so happens to be the name of a zombie flick. We unfortunetly don't know much about him, and I don't see him getting far, maybe make it to the merge but voted out soon after.

Amy & Samey: Twins. It was kinda obvious, just by looking at their designs and names really. Unlike Katie and Sadie though, these two don't seem to be joined at the hip. While they may work together often, if one of them is eliminated, the other may be just fine. They may even have a sibling rivalry, who knows? I think they may be the target of a double elimination if they hate eachother, but if not, one will make it past the merge, while the other won't.

Rodney: Big Guy. His stature looks like a rip-off of Wreck-it-Ralph, but he doesn't seem to be wrecking things. He doesn't seem to be too smart, but he is quiet friendly. That said, I think he can make it past the merge but percieved as a threat with his build. Or he may actually wreck something.

Max: "Villain". He tries to be evil, and even proclaims it, but completely and utterly fails. He acts like a whiny brat too. I don't expect much from him, but unless someone else is actually the villain, then this guy will make it to the top few sadly.

Topher: Chris Fan. Unlike Sierra, he doesn't seem like a rabid fan. A more modest one who will shower Chris with praise like Sierra did at first, and even looks up to him. He might be trying to become a reality TV host himself. He also prides himself in his looks, much like Justin. He could make it far, with his constant Chris praising, and everyone knows how much of a narcissist Chris is.

Jasmine: Adventurer. Her clothes make it seem like she has at least joined and been in charge of scouts and has been in the wilderness for a while. She probably has the skills and know-how on how to survive, and will proclaim it, though not as much as Courtney, bringing her to team captain status. I think she will make it far.

Scarlett: Librarian? I dunno, I can't pin anything on her right now. She seems like an intellectual with those glasses.

So that's that, let me know what you all think in the comments below.

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