• DarkRecon

    So some of us have probably seen the storyboard for episode one. Based on it, I've decided to give my two cents on what the characters are probably like.

    Beardo: Soundbox. He just makes noises. Granted it's part of him getting over his shyness as seen in his audition tape extra, but he would get bland pretty fast. Might be one of the first few out.

    Leonard: D&D Fanatic/Wizard. Our token nerd of the season, he already made on reference to LotR, and will probably make a bunch of magic-related jokes at physical expense. Might last, might not, probably out a bit before the merge hits.

    Skye: Gymnast. She seems fairly athletic, and the polar opposite of Tyler. Will be a force to be reckoned with, but will be percieved as a threat before being elimiā€¦

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