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Welcome to Character Appreciation, a blog that will run for the whole year alongside Project 10. This blog will be focused on B or Beverly the Strong Silent Genius and I, Darkmaster999 will be the “host” of this week.


B or Beverly first appeared on the 4th Season of the Show: Total Drama Revenge of the Island, introduced together with more twelve new contestants for this season and being one of the second generation characters of the Total Drama cast. While being silent during nearly all the time (with only a scream after being launched of the Hurl of Shame), B actually proved that his Label was not only for fun, showing a lot of intelligence and fast thinking when necessary even with his early elimination, thanks to a sabotage of Scott. However because of his silence, it’s only these informations that we know about B during the seasons and the fact he was only present on three episodes of the season.

My personal opinion

I actually like B or Beverly a lot,though it's a shame(for me) that we will probably never know about his background or why he never talk, only screaming at his elimination. I enjoyed the character during his only three episodes and even without lines I liked a lot his presence on the screen. However I can see that his silence also raises a lot of questions from the character as well and even why he barely have fans or haters (At least that I noticed), since we have little to nothing about him aside his first name. He probably will never come back for a season but if one day that happens, I’m looking very forward to see what B have to offer and hope that he’s not a fodder again (or at least have a decent amount of development).

Best Moment: Building the Rocket Couch and winning the first half of Ice Ice Baby

Best Episode: Ice Ice Baby


This blog is open to all opinions, so anything you want to share about this character is more than welcome to be posted on this blog’s comment section and of course you can use the following userboxes to show your opinion:

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Next week, JIMBOYKELLY will be analyzing in depth and give his opinions on Beardo, The Human Soundboard.

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