After watching the first three or four episodes of RR. If you had to pick one character from all 18 teams that you consider the better character who would you pick? I'll give my own list of who i like more from every team.  

Police Cadets: MacArthur

Ice Dancers: Josee

Surfer Dudes: Geoff 

Best Friends: Carrie

Father & Son: Junior

Stepbrothers: Lorenzo

Fashion Bloggers: Tom

Daters: Stephanie 

Geniuses: Ellody

Sisters: Kitty

Mother & Daughter: Kelly

Adversity Twins:  Jay

Goths: Um.....Crimson???

Vegans: Laurie

Rockers: Rock

Reality TV Pros: Noah

Tennis Rivals:Gerry

LARPers: Leonard 

I really don't have time to give reasons why I prefer one teammate over the other right now but it mostly comes down to entertainment value, if i find one teammate more annoying than the other,  and how much more they contribute to the show.  

Also I apologize for my grammar, If you find the blog hard to read....sorry. 

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