Hey guys, long time no see huh? Yeah, I doubt anyone even remembers me or any of my cringeness but that's irrelavent regardless.

I wanted to update my actvity here by doing something a little fun and harmless. I'm not too much for rankings, reviews, and all that since the majority here kinda gets it covered.


You've seen them all over the internet right? Pretty hilarious aren't they? It's kinda weird
Devin and Carrie Face Swap 1
how we don't see that many face swaps in TD save for a few, so I wanted to try this out of boredom and hopefully a couple of laughs.  

Let me know if you got any requests!

Owen and Noah Face Swap
Rockers Face Swap 1
Leonard and Dave Face Swap
Max and Scarlett Face Swap

Brick and Jo Face Swap 1

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