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    Character Face Swaps

    June 10, 2017 by Dan-Dude0

    Hey guys, long time no see huh? Yeah, I doubt anyone even remembers me or any of my cringeness but that's irrelavent regardless.

    I wanted to update my actvity here by doing something a little fun and harmless. I'm not too much for rankings, reviews, and all that since the majority here kinda gets it covered.


    You've seen them all over the internet right? Pretty hilarious aren't they? It's kinda weird how we don't see that many face swaps in TD save for a few, so I wanted to try this out of boredom and hopefully a couple of laughs.  

    Let me know if you got any requests!

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  • Dan-Dude0

    Wow, it's been forever since I actually made a blog, probably because there was nothing to say about this series that was relevant, but regardless, this is a question regarding Total Drama that actually made me quite curious.

    Has or will Fresh TV ever make a character that isn't based off a another fictional character or real person? I'm not talking about stereotypes, "gimmicks" or personality traits because that's something every character in this show requires. I'm not gonna list off all the characters whom they're based off because that would time consuming and you'd get the point, what my real point is:

    Will there ever be a character who's persona is entirely TD original who is based off no one whatsoever, or does one already exist?

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  • Dan-Dude0

    Geez, I'm making a pretty mediocre first impression here.

    Anyway, Total Drama is quite a series huh? The original Island that started it all, to Action to the musical World Tour to the Revenge Of The Island being first season to feature an all new cast, the first All-Stars season and an another all new cast season Pahkitew Island being the half of it to the first ever spin off: The Ridonculous Race which not only featured new characters with various ages, brought back a few veterans but also introduced a brand new HOST!

    Yeah, you get the idea. Let's talk about TDRR for a moment, it had a pretty positive reception whatnot with it being mostly loved for it's new challenge concepts, likable characters, and decent story/ character devlopment plo…

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