Hey guys, remember how stupidly short the theme song was during TDAS? Well, I came up with a version of my own that would probably work. Some of the animation and the stuff the contestants do would be a repeat (like Sam), but its only because I couldn't think of anything else. So here we go! (NOTE: We're gonna take this verse by verse so that its easier to know which person comes in and other stuff.)

Dear Mom and Dad I'm doing fine, you guys are on my mind. You ask me what I wanted to be and now I think the answer is plain to see. I wanna be famous!

So it starts out like usual (the cameras pull out from random places then it goes from the docks and to the big cliff (Chris and Chef still arrive on the helicopter like in the actual TDAS intro)). It goes into the water and we see Cameron basically doing the same thing he did in the TDRI intro. He then gets pulled up by a fishing line and gets thrown into the air. It then shows the top of the lake when this happens and shows Duncan and Gwen in a canoe. Gwen looks bored and Duncan has a kind of evil look on his face while he's reeling in Cameron. When Cameron gets thrown into the air, Gwen is kind of in shock at first (looking up and looking like she's thinking "Is that Cameron?") and gives a death glare at Duncan and Duncan's like "What?" Then we cut to Cameron in the air and he's caught by Sierra who runs off with him. It then cuts to Scott laughing at his misfortune while Courtney glares at him.

I wanna live close to the sun. Pack your bags cause I already won. Everything to prove, nothing in my way, I'll get there 1 day. Cause I wanna be famous!

It then cuts to Jo and Heather slap-fighting on a canoe (just like what Leshawna and Heather did in the Island intro) and then they fall off the waterfall. They're then caught by Lightning and Alejandro (Lightning catches Jo and Alejandro catches Heather). Then we see Lindsay exiting the confessional cam and then she is startled by something in the back of the confessional cam and runs off screaming. It's revealed though that it was only Fang who thought it was Scott. Then we cut to the Main Lodge and we see Chef cooking something, then all of a sudden a rock hits him and we cut to the left and we see it was Mal, who looks kind of evil looking, then whistles off to the left while Zoey looks like she's thinking "What the heck did I just see?"


Then it cuts outside of the Main Lodge and we see Sam and this is when its basically the same that happened with him in the TDRI intro, only difference is that Sasquatch actually pushes Sam into the water.

Then the rest of the intro is the same, only difference is that when we get to the whistling part of the theme, it has Zoey and Mike running to the center and the same thing basically happens.

So what do you guys think? Do you guys think this should have been the way the intro was? Comment on that you think!

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