Hi guys! I haven't made a blog for over a year now and I've been seeing people making their own versions of Total Drama All-Stars, so I thought maybe I should do my own version! Now before we get started, I just want you people to know that I didn't really (like REALY) hate the season, sure some episodes were stupid (like Sundae Muddy Sundae or Moon Madness), but other than that, it was a pretty average season (its my 3rd fav season).

Episode 1

Plot: Same as the episode, same characters get dropped out of plane, yadda yadda yadda. Although, after Sierra gets off of Courtney in the carriage, Courtney starts blaming her for possibly losing them the challenge (and they eventually do).

Winning Team: Villainous Vultures

Exile: The person who gets exiled is the same that gets exiled in the episode (I"ll repeat this message if the winning team is the same as in the episode).

Bottom 2: Sierra and Courtney

Eliminated: Sierra (Stated in the last sentence in Plot)

Episode 2

Plot: Challenge stays the same. When Mal gets sorta introduced, instead of having the scene which we see, it has the camera slowly go into Mike's mind and it shows the background we see in Mike's mind. Then all of a sudden, lightning flashes and we see a sillhouete of Mal with him laughing evilly in the background. Then we cut back to reality and the episode resumes. The scene where Mal says "One by one, they will all fall" is omitted and also instead of godplaying like she does, Zoey actually misses the throw and costs her team the challenge.

Winner Team: Villainous Vultures

Exiled: Scott

Bottom 2: Zoey (Cost the challenge for her team)

Eliminated: Sam (Was useless in the challenge)

Episode 3

Plot: I think u get by now the challenges are pretty much the same (XD). In this episode, Heather and Jo bicker like they usually did in Episode 2 and 3 in the real series. Alejandro sees that this may get out of hand and after hearing that they will get the others to try to vote for the other, he warns Scott and Duncan (since he knows he can kind of trust them). Also, Mal is not known in this episode. Funningly enough, Lightning and Lindsay are the last 2 in the challenge. Lightning thinks he has this in the bag and Lindsay closes her eyes and shoots her last leech. It lands into Lightning's leech gun and it explodes on him and makes Lindsay and her team the winner. Duncan and Courtney don't switch teams.

Winning Team: Heroic Hamsters

Exiled: Courtney (volunteers actually but no one doesn't care)

Bottom 2: Heather and Jo (Jo convinced Lightning to vote for Heather and Gwen voted for Heather cause of their conflict)

Eliminated: Jo (Alejandro had convince Scott and Duncan to vote off Jo and Heather was also voting off Jo as well so that made the votes 4 - 3)

Episode 4

Plot: The challenge kind of changes 2 ways: 1. If the person falls off the platforms and stuff, they are benched (if they also puke as well) and 2. They can have another person go along with them, just to make the challenge seem faster. Like in the real episode, Duncan starts to gets suspicious about Mike's voice (but states this in the confessional instead of outside). Mal returns completely now in this episode when Mike gets slammed in the head with the kicker boot thing. When that happens, he snaps immediately into Mal. After this happens, "Mike" gets up, brushes off, and runs over to the spinner (in the confessional, he states "I'm baaaack! *laughs maniacally* "  Vultures eventually win again and Courtney convinces Lindsay and "Mike" (although when she encounters him, he (without hesitation) says yes, and Courtney is surprised by this since she knows Mike and Zoey are in a relationship) to vote off Zoey cause she looks like a threat.

Winning Team: Villainous Vultures

Exiled: Scott

Bottom 2: Courtney and Zoey

Eliminated: Zoey

Switch: In the challenge, Duncan saves Gwen from falling and puking, so because of this, Chris puts Duncan in the Hamsters (though this switch happens after Zoey gets eliminated).

Notes: After Zoey gets the flush, "MIke" gets a confessional and says "Zoey got what was coming was her. They all will, cause one by one, they will all fall and I don't care what it takes!"

Episode 5

Plot: Since Zoey was eliminated last episode and Mike is now Mal, "Mike" convinces Cameron that there's no one he can trust but Mike, and Cameron cluelessly believes this (though he says in the confessional that he's confused even Lindsay can't be trusted since she's nice). The rest of the episode is pretty much the same (except 1 thing that I'll mention soon) and the Vultures still win. Also, Duncan and Gwen don't break up.

Winning Team: Villainous Vultures

Exiled: Alejandro (Scott wanted to go again but Chris refused to let him since he already has twice in a row now)

Bottom 2: None, Chris reveals that this is (or was) a reward challenge

Eliminated: Cameron (even though Chris said that this was a reward challenge, Cameron volunteered for elimination, and Chris was like "Sure, why not?"

Returnee: Because of this unexpected surprise, Chris allowed a competitor to return and had Cody return and put on the Hamsters

Episode 6

Plot: The episode is pretty much the same, except that Alejandro found the immunity idol when he was exiled (though its not revealed to us). The episode is pretty much the same actually. Also, this is when there are signs of Courtney and Scott's relationship.

Winning Team: Heroic Hamsters

Exiled: "Mike" (although like in the real episode where Duncan finally remembers Mal, in this version, he doesn't)

Bottom 2: Alejandro and Lightning

Eliminated: Lightning (it was going to be Alejandro but this is when we see Alejandro have the immunity idol and he used it)

Switch: Because of some behind-the-scene talk with "Mike" and Chris, Chris decides, due to her previous actions in the previous seasons (especially in Season 2), Courtney is now in the Vultures team.

Episode 7

Plot: Like in the real episode, Gwen and Courtney start to become friends again (even though Gwen still is with Duncan, Courtney is starting to not care anymore that Gwen stole her boyfriend). In the confessional, Cody wants Alejandro gone (for obvious reasons). The rest of the episode is pretty much the same. The Vultures lose and Chris does the same ordeal like in the real episode, except this time, he states that there will be a double elimination.

Winning Team: Heroic Hamsters

Exiled: Duncan

Eliminated: Alejandro and Heather

Note: The teams do not merge in the next episode.

Episode 8

Plot: In this episode, Duncan finally remembers who Mal was and tells Lindsay about it (like he did with Zoey) and "Mike" makes a little alliance with Cody to get rid of Duncan since "Mike" overheard Lindsay and Duncan talking. Instead of the teams all taking separate boats, they take 1 for their whole team. "Mike" sabatoges their boat and balmes Duncan for it and clueless Lindsay falls for it. Because of "Mike's" sabatoge, the Vultures win. Also, Chris' "cottage" doesn't get destroyed.

Winnng Team: Villainous Vultures

Exiled: Scott

Bottom 2: "Mike" and Duncan

Eliminated: Duncan

Episode 9


Plot: It's finally the merge! Chris says (like in the Regatta episode in the real series) that since they made it to the merge, there will be nobody exiled (he states this at the beginning instead of the end). "Mike" still has his alliance with Cody and the rest of the episode is pretty much the same.

Invincibility: Cody

Bottom 2: "Mike" and Scott

Eliminated: Scott (he did poorly in the challenge, plus "Mike"'s alliance convinced Lindsay and Gwen to vote with them)

Episode 10

Plot: "Mike" realizes that Courtney is becoming a threat so he makes a list (which is the same list that Courtney made in the real episode) and reveals it in front of everyone (like he does in the real episode). Meanwhile, Cody now knows of Mal's true nature (he does the same thing Alejandro does in the Regatta episode in the real series), and he saw Mal make the list so he told Courtney that "Mike" framed her and she becomes mad about it and convinces Gwen to vote off "Mike" once and for all.

Winner: Gwen

Exiled: From now on, no one is exiled.

Bottom 2: "Mike" and Courtney

Eliminated: "Mike"

Episode 11

Plot: The episode is pretty much the same, except with obviously the Final 4 is now Gwen, Courtney, Lindsay, and Cody. The winner was still able to choose the 2nd person eliminated for that night (like in the real episode).

Winner: Courtney

Eliminated: Gwen & Cody (What happened to Gwen was pretty much what happened in the real episode, except that instead of Gwen showing up with the picture covered in feces, as soon as she returns to camp, a bird poops on it right away and Chris blames her for messing it up on herself and makes her eliminated. Gwen is so mad by this that she breaks the picture over his head. Then, Courtney chose Cody to also take the flush)

The Final Showdown

Plot: The Final 2 is Courtney and Lindsay! The challenge remains the same, although they can now pick any contestants (either competed this season or not) to be their helpers. Courtney's helpers are Gwen and Scott, Lindsay's helpers are Beth and Tyler. Unlike in the real finale episode, the balloons do not fly away. The island does not sink at the end.
Court & Linds exclusive

The Final 2

Elimination Recap:

15. Sierra

14. Sam

13. Jo

12. Zoey

11. Cameron

10. Lightning

9/8. Alejandro and Heather

7. Duncan

6. Scott

5. "Mike"

4/3. Gwen and Cody

2/1. Courtney

2/1. Lindsay

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. It might seem a little odd, but nonetheless, its a great version IMO. Comment on what you think!!

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