Hi guys. This is Dami. Over the next month or 2 or so, I will discuss all of the seasons and episodes of Total Drama. Afterwards, comment on what you think!

The Plot

I truly liked Chris' introduction. It obviously helped us understand the rules of the game. I liked Owen's personality in the game, and I was glad that he actually did win. I didn't vote, but if I did, my vote would have been on Owen. My favorite parts would have to be: Lindsay swearing, Owen winning, and the guys alliance in TDDDDI (Cody, DJ, Owen, Tyler). The saddest parts were when Heather and Trent kissed and when Bridgette got eliminated.

The Characters during the season

Beth - She didn't talk much in the first couple of episodes. Even though she didn't know, I thought it was stupid of her to take the doll from the island and I figured eventually the Gophers would have voted her off. The only thing I liked about her in the season was when she stood up against Heather.

Bridgette - I liked her personality during the season, and orignially, she was much more closer to #1 in my Character Rankings. The reason why she went down, I'll explain later. Anyway, I liked her relationship with Geoff. I figured that they were gonna get together. Then, when they started kissing a lot, I thought their relationship was getting out of hand, but not until Season 2.

Cody - I liked his personality and he really reminds me of myself and I knew my OC would have to look like him. I liked him trying to woo Gwen, and I just found that really funny, especially in Up the Creek. When I saw him being mauled by a bear, I knew he was gonna get eliminated, and was I right? Unfortunatly, so. He, along with Noah and Tyler, was 1 of a few that I wished was able to compete in TDA.

Courtney - She used to be very, and I mean, VERY low in my Character Rankings. She was a bossy b**ch and still is! I only liked her in the first 2 episodes. And her pairing up with Duncan?! "pretends to puke" This is why I'm a DXG fan instead of a DXC fan. I'll get to the DXG stuff later. Despite my hatred to her, I actually was surprised (and obviously figured) that she was eliminated.

DJ - Such a sweet and generous person. I was glad to see him making the merge and making it to TDA. Not much more to say about DJ for now, other than, well, he's just really nice! :)

Duncan - Now you're probably thinking, "Since you hate Courtney in TDI, you probably hated Duncan in TDI since you hate DXC, right?" and my answer to that is, surprisingly, no. I actually was ok with his personality, and also surprisingly, I liked his side of DXC. I was on his side when he bullied Harold. Harold i-You know what, I'll get to Harold later. Anyway, I don't know why some of my friends hate Duncan just because he gets far in EVERY season.

Eva - 7 words for Eva: She is the devil as a girl!

Ezekiel - I was ok with Ezekiel, and since he had a home-school personality, I actually figured that he would get eliminated early, but not first. I agree with the girls here on this wiki that he was wrong to say that kind of stuff about women. He's actually the only male I wasn't surprised that he didn't make TDA, even though I found him neutral.

Geoff - Same like Bridgette basically. Nothing else really big.

Gwen - She's ok. I sort of like her personality, so I always have put her neutral in my Character Rankings. I was ok with Owen winning over her, after all, I would have voted for Owen anyway.

Harold - He's annoying, and despite my hatred with Courtney, I was actually angry at him for voting her off. I was glad (but not satisfied by the fact that he said boobies) that he got eliminated.

Heather - I think everyone agrees with the statement I am about to say. Heather was a no-good, backstabbing, lying little....I think you what I would say. Anyway, I was really glad that she got voted off, and I figured she would have gotton to TDA.

Izzy - She was really crazy and I liked her first elimination. Like the other campers, I was surprised (and glad) that she returned. Unfortunatly, like I figured, she got eliminated again; although I liked that she shot Heather in the butt with a tranq. dart gun. I was glad that she was able to compete in TDA.

Justin - To me, Justin reminds me of Justin Bieber, and I hate Justin Bieber, but that's not the reason why I hate Justin. Actually, I found Justin ok, but as the series went on, I hated him more and more, but i'll talk about it in the next season's review blog.

Katie & Sadie - Now, you're probably thinking, "Hey Dami, why did you put Katie and Sadie together?" and my answer to that is, well, they are both annoying and easier to talk about when they are together. I really wished that Sadie was eliminated before Katie. Sadie is more annoying, more dumb than Katie! And that squeal at the end of Who Can You Trust? "is about to scream because they are so annoying". I was REALLY glad that they didn't make TDA.

Leshawna - I didn't really pay attention to Leshawna a lot during the season, but I found her ok though. The only main good thing that I would watch Leshawna do is when she argued with Heather.

Lindsay - In the words of Courtney, "I can't really say anything bad about her!". Like DJ, she's nice and sweet. I was a little sad that she got eliminated, but hey, at least she did good with the cussing :P.

Noah - I found his sarcasm really funny, especially during Haunte Camp-ture. I LOL'd at the NoCo kiss. Like Ezekiel, I figured that Noah would get eliminated early, but I was a little sad that Noah was not able to compete in TDA.

Owen - Finally, we are down to my used to be #1 character! Fun Fact: Owen's the first character I ever saw on Total Drama. I was glad that he won, and made it to TDA. I have no idea why some people just hate Owen, I mean, I know he's weird and annoying, but he can be funny and annoying at the same time as well!

Trent - Like Leshawna, didn't really pay attention to him during the season, but I found him ok though.

Tyler - I find his lack of sport skills very hilarious, especially in TDWT. I found his elimination funny also, and was another person who I was sad that they did not compete for TDA.

Relationships in the season

Geoff and Bridgette - I laughed at some of the beginning perks of their relationship during the season, like the bowl from Up the Creek and Geoff's line in The Sucky Outdoors (Wow, you pitch a tent like a guy).

Courtney and Duncan - Wow, just wow. Who knew that a soon-to-be lawyer and a delinquent were actually gonna be in a relationship?! Although I enjoyed the beginning stuff, after a while, it just didn't seem right. Sorry to DXC fans, but when I update my Relationship Rankings in my userpage in a while, this relationship is gonna be in oppose.

Izzy and Owen - They are both funny and sweet together. I especially LOL'd when they made out in the bushes before meeting the Phycho Killer with a Chainsaw and a Hook (Chef).

Harold and Leshawna - Didn't really pay attention to the relationship, except at Harold's elimination. I found this relationship a little annoying.

Trent and Gwen - They are awesome together, and it's really sho-oh wait, that's for next season's review. Nothing else to say about them.

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