This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

Hi guys, this is my prediction for the elimination order for TDPI (the reason why I have the spoiler template is because we know who is eliminated 1st already (if people saw the storyboards for the 1st episode already, then ignore it)).

14. Beardo

Not much to say (since obviously we know this already).

13. Scarlett

In the challenge, she's probably going to be too quiet or something and may accidently mess up the challenge for her team (who knows? :/).

12. Max

His team will see him as a threat so they'll try to vote him off. Meanwhile towards the end, Amy is revealed to be the true antagonist.

11. Samey

Samey is going to see the true intentions that her sister is going to do, so she tries to reason with her team to try to vote her off, but Amy already beat her to it and the team votes Samey off. When Samey is about to be eliminated, she does the same thing almost like Dawn's, Noah's (TDWT), and Bridgette's (TDWT) eliminations (where they almost reveal (or hint at, in Noah's case) the antagonist of the season.

10. Ella

Kind of like Scarlett's elimination, not much else I can say. Also in this episode, Amy switches over to the other team and starts to befriend Sky for a couple of episodes.

9. Leonard

In the confessional, Leonard reveals that he kind of had a crush on Ella and he kind of is in a depression (sort of) and kind of costs his team the win (indirectly though)

8. Rodney

He's probably going to do something that makes his team lose the challenge.


7. Dave

Throughout the previous episodes, Dave and Sky were basically the power couple of the season (like Trent x Gwen in Island & Mike x Zoey in ROTI), so Amy plans to split them up somehow, but towards the end, the 2 realize what happened, but by that time, everyone except the 2 of them voted for Dave to be eliminated.

6/5. Topher & Jasmine

Now for this one, I think it's going to go 2 ways:

1. Topher is going to do something weird and as for Jasmine, Amy might throw her off her a-game throughout the challenge. They get equal amount of votes (since theres 6 people left), so Chris makes both of them eliminated for a double elimination.

2. It's going to a revisit-kind of challenge like Haunte Camp-ture, but instead of just the eliminated contestants of this season (it would be too short), it's EVERY SINGLE contestant in the series (except Blaineley). The location would probably be maybe Boney Island or destroyed Playa de Losers (since the cottage (Courtney: MANSION!) was destroyed courtesy of Duncan). After kind of doing what they did in Haunte Camp-ture, Chris comes and announces they get to vote off 2 people instead of 1. They kind of do the same mistake they did last time and vote off Topher & Jasmine.

4. Amy

Karma finally bites Amy in the butt in this episode (just like Justin.... and Scott.... and Heather... and Courtney XD).

3. Shawn

He'll probably lose the sudden-death round Final 3 challenge somehow.

Final 2: Sky vs. Sugar

I want a Female vs. Female finale (that way Canada can have a girl winner)! I wouldn't mind if any other girl gets into the final 2 (except maybe Scarlett), just PLEASE Fresh, MAKE IT A FEMALE VS FEMALE FINALE!!!!

And there you have it! Comment on what you think!

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