Cody: Oh, yeah! I'm #1!

Owen: Aw, I used to be #1! I wonder why Dami changed it?

Cody: Maybe because I'm more cooler and his OC looks just like me! Haha!

Owen: D:<

Lindsay: Um, is any one of you Tyler?

Owen: :/

Cody: :/ Uh, no.

Owen: Tyler's more down into the list.

Lindsay: Aww.

DJ: It's ok, Lindsay. At least we had each other in TDWT.

Cameron: What's TDWT?

Cody: All 4 of us, along with others, competed in a season called TDWT, or Total Drama World Tour.

Cameron: Oh, I see.

Duncan: Will you morons keep it down?! I'm trying to sleep!

Cody: Sheesh Duncan.

Dakota (who's back to normal now, but is still bald) You're wondering where Tyler is, Lindsay? I'm wondering where and how Sam's doing.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Duncan: "rolls eyes"

Dawn: "at Duncan" Your aura is blueish-black. You're evil, but madly in love.

Duncan: Um, ok.

Cody: You can read auras?

Dawn: Indeed I can!

(Cody, Lindsay, Owen, DJ, Cameron, & Dakota sit near Dawn with their palms out)

Tyler: What the? Dawn, I leave for 1 minute and now you're hosting a hippie circle...without me?! (sits with them)

Lindsay: Yay! Tyler's back! (hugs Tyler)

Tyler: Oh, hey Linds.

Cody: What's my aura, Dawn?

Dawn: Yours, Cody, is yellow! You're a good, trustworthy, kind friend.

Cody: Wow, thanks!

Owen: What about mine, Dawn?

Dawn: Yours is a brighter yellow, Owen. You're an always joyful happy goofball!

Owen: Wow, she's good!

Brick: (sits near Duncan, who's now sitting alone) What are you to, Duncan?

Duncan: Trying to get further so that I can say hi to Gwen.

Izzy: Hey everyone! Can I join your hippie circle?

Dawn: First of all, it's not a hippie circle, it's an aura circle, second of all, sure, and third of all, your aura is an orange, which means your always energetic and crazy!

Izzy: Awesome!

Bridgette: (doing some waves and accidently splashes on Noah)

Noah: Hey, watch where you're surfing!

Bridgette: Sorry Noah!

Mike: I, uh, hope Cameron's having a good time near the top 5.

Gwen: I hope Duncan's having a good time also.

Geoff: "watches Bridgette surf" Good job, babe!

Bridgette: Thanks, Geoff!

Izzy: "hops on Owen's arms while Dawn is explaining everyone's aura" Hi Big O!

Owen: Oh, hey Izzy! Um, Izzy? We need to talk.

Izzy: Is this about our now broken up relationship?

Owen: Kinda. I was know...uh, we could...well, come back together, like the old days?

Izzy: Oh, sorry Big O. I'm already falling in love with Noah! "waves at Noah"

Noah: "waves back"

Owen: Oh, ok then. Just wondering.

Izzy: Aw, thanks, Owen! I knew you'd understand!

Owen: Of course!

Zoey: Hi Mike!

Mike: Hey Zoey! How are you?

Zoey: I'm fine.

Trent: Hey Gwen, are you still with Duncan?

Gwen: For sure, and probably for forever.

Trent: Oh, just making sure.

Duncan: "finally get to Gwen" Hey Gwen!

Gwen: Duncan! "makes out with him"

Trent: >.>

Harold: I wonder how far down Leshawna is?

Duncan: "stops making out with Gwen for a moment" Does it even care, pipsqueak?! I'm higher than you so that makes me more superior than you!

Harold: So what?! Maybe you're higher than me in rankings, but supieroritily, I'm more better.

Duncan: Whatever. "continues making out with Gwen"

Ezekiel: "is still feral and watches Sam play his Zii on the TV"

Sam: Oh yeah! Beat that, Wowser!

Ezekiel: "growls"

Sam: Bad Zeke! I told you you can play after I'm done!

Dakota: Hi Sam!

Sam: Oh, hey Dakota! "sighs" Ok, Zeke. You can play, I'm gonna hang out with Dakota for a while.

Sierra: EEE! Where's Cody?! "sees Cody"

Cody: Uh oh!

Sierra: EEEEEEE!!!! "tackles Cody" Hey Cody! How is it being #1?!

Cody: Uh, fine, I guess.

Sierra: Awesome! EE!! hehehe!

Cody: "groans"

Chris: "relaxes on a lawn chair and drinks some lemonade" "sighs happily"

Chef: More lemonade?

Chris: Don't mind if I do!

Beth: Excuse me, Chris? Does B ever talk?

Chris: Nope, never talked at all yet.

Beth: Just curious.

B: "shrugs"

Jo: "playing arm wrestle with Heather" "beats Heather"

Heather: Wow! You're pretty strong. It's too bad that we're in the bottom pretty much.

Jo: Thanks. I know, right? At least we're higher than Lightning.

Heather: That's true.

Harold: "sees Leshawna" Hey Leshawna.

Leshawna: Hey Harold.

Courtney: What?! How is it that Duncan and Gwen are higher than me?!

Heather: Oh, just zip it Courtney.

Courtney: "sees Trent" Hmm. "has an idea" Hey Trent.

Trent: Hey Courtney.

Courtney: How do you feel about Duncan and Gwen.

Trent: I guess I'm ok with it, though a little mad.

Courtney: Yeah, me too! I just can't believe it actually happened!

Trent: I know!

Courtney: Well, you know, I'm availible.

Trent: I am too also.

Courtney: Yeah, I've been thinking, "starts making out with Trent"

Trent: "lets go of Courtney" Whoa! I thought we were gonna go way too fast! But in a effort to probably destroy Duncan and Gwen's relationship, "continues making out with Courtney"

Katie: Sadie? Justin? Where are you?!

Lightning: Lightning should be #1! Not pipsqueak Cody! Lightning should-

Jo: Should just zip it already!

Heather: Yeah!

Lightning: Whatever dudes.

Heather: Who are you calling a dude?!

Anne Maria: "sees Ezekiel playing the Zii" Hey Ezekiel! How are you doing? Oh wait, you can't talk very good yet. My bad.

Sadie: Yay Katie!

Katie: Yay Sadie!

Jo: Oh, for pete's sakes!

Scott: Why am I near the end of this dumb ranking?!

Staci: My great great great great great Grandfather created rankings, before him, people were just scattered around.

Scott: >.>

Justin: "to Katie and Sadie" Hello ladies!

"Katie and Sadie faint"

Blaineley: Scott's right! There's 2 more below me, but somehow, I'm at the end!

Alejandro: I also agree with Scott. He does make good points.

Scott: :)

Eva: Wait...does that mean I'm last?! "shouts" WHY AM I IN LAST?!?!?!?!?!?!

(her shout interuppts everyone)

Cody: Whoa.

Brick: Eva really needs to take a chill pill.

DJ: Indeed.

Well, that's it. What do you guys think?

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