Guys, I had probably the best dream I ever had of TD last night! Here it is:


I saw a promo video of Season 5, so I watched it. I saw Duncan, Noah, and Owen get into a cannon. On the top left of the screen, it said that it was a challenge and it would be Challenge between 2-5. Then, it showed all the characters of who was going to compete. Finally, it said "Coming This (obviously meaning 2013, not 2012) Fall".


The characters that appeared were Owen, Noah, Cody, Duncan, B, Brick, Ezekiel (who was actually no longer feral), Bridgette, Cody, Sam, Cameron, a character from the original 2 generations that I can't remember, and a new character. The new character actually looked like a mix of Cody and Cameron. In the challenge that appeared in the promo, for some reason, Owen was wearing a super hero outfit.

This, in my opinion, is the strangest and most incrediblest TD dream I ever had! What do you guys think?

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