Hi guys! I was chatting with 2.0 on the chat today we realized that Gravity Falls is similar to Total Drama!


Beth is Mabel Pines because they both have pigs, have braces, and are short.

Cody is Dipper Pines because they are both short, have a relationship with someone out of their league, and that someone already has a boyfriend.

Owen is Soos because both are fat and friends with Cody/Dipper and Beth/Mabel and they aren't very smart.

Gwen is Wendy because they both like punks (Duncan & Robbie)

Duncan is Robbie because they are both punks and hate the small one that also likes their girlfriend.

Chris is Stan because they both ripped people off, have panicked about something, are greedy, and run a viewer/tourist trap.

Heather is Pacifica because they hate Beth/Mabel and are both mean.

Justin is Lil' Gideon because both use their looks toward others (Lil' Gideon's cute and Justin's hot) and like Mabel/Beth and hate Dipper/Cody.

This is what I think happened with the characters:

Dipper Pines grew shorter hair, sold the book possibly, and changed his name to Cody Anderson.

Mabel Pines got glasses and changed her name to Beth.

Soos gained more weight and changed name to Owen.

Wendy became a goth, taller, and got shorter hair and dyed it black and greenish-blue, and changed her name to Gwen.

Robbie got a mohawk and dyed it green and became a delinquint and changed name to Duncan.

Stan got younger, more buffer, and changed name to Chris.

Pacifica grew taller, dyed her hair black, and changed name to Heather.

Lil' Gideon grew taller, more skinner, cut his hair and dyed it black, and changed his name to Justin.

Here are some similarities that might make Cody and Beth (together) siblings and are Dipper and Mabel:

1. They got brown hair.

2. One's serious while one's goofy.

3. They both appear together a lot.

4. They both have a similar audition.

What do you guys think?

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