I know this is really early for this, but here is my plans on what to do with this wiki next year:

Be a CM

I feel like I should be able to be one because I'm always active on chat. I'm always friendly with others, and if there were a spammer on chat, I would ban him immediatly.

Future blog posts

Stay tune for the finale of TDIWWTM tonight on TDIFF Wiki. Also, starting either late this year or very early next year, I will be posting a new set of blogs (NOT AN ELIMINATION BLOG) that I will review my thoughts on the episodes, seasons, and, in TDWT's case, songs of Total Drama. I've already started with the TDI review blog before I started to do Season 3 TDIWWTM, so don't freak out when I start with Not So Happy Campers, Part 1.

New users

I hope new users come and enjoy this wiki. We had a lot of them in 2012, so let's hope for more!

That'll be it for now, so peace out, and hopefully everyone has a very very merry Christmas, or Hannakuh (please forgive my grammer if I spelled that wrong), or whatever holiday you celebrate.

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