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  • DamiedeterJR

    Hey guys! Netflix has confirmed that Season 5 is coming on December 14th. I realize that no one cares (or cared) for the Final 2 (since it's considered to be 1 of, or, THE worst Final 2 ever), but who do you think will be the Netflix winner. Also, since apparently Pahkitew Island is Part 2 of Season 5, do you guys think it will be added as well? If so, which of the Final 2 of PI do you guys think will be the Netflix winner of PI as well? Comment on what you think!

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  • DamiedeterJR

    My TDPI Elimination

    April 10, 2014 by DamiedeterJR

    Hi guys, this is my prediction for the elimination order for TDPI (the reason why I have the spoiler template is because we know who is eliminated 1st already (if people saw the storyboards for the 1st episode already, then ignore it)).

    Not much to say (since obviously we know this already).

    In the challenge, she's probably going to be too quiet or something and may accidently mess up the challenge for her team (who knows? :/).

    His team will see him as a threat so they'll try to vote him off. Meanwhile towards the end, Amy is revealed to be the true antagonist.

    Samey is going to see the true intentions that her sister is going to do, so she tries to reason with her team to try to vote her off, but Amy already beat her to it and the team votes …

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  • DamiedeterJR

    Hey guys, remember how stupidly short the theme song was during TDAS? Well, I came up with a version of my own that would probably work. Some of the animation and the stuff the contestants do would be a repeat (like Sam), but its only because I couldn't think of anything else. So here we go! (NOTE: We're gonna take this verse by verse so that its easier to know which person comes in and other stuff.)

    So it starts out like usual (the cameras pull out from random places then it goes from the docks and to the big cliff (Chris and Chef still arrive on the helicopter like in the actual TDAS intro)). It goes into the water and we see Cameron basically doing the same thing he did in the TDRI intro. He then gets pulled up by a fishing line and gets…

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  • DamiedeterJR

    Hi guys! I haven't made a blog for over a year now and I've been seeing people making their own versions of Total Drama All-Stars, so I thought maybe I should do my own version! Now before we get started, I just want you people to know that I didn't really (like REALY) hate the season, sure some episodes were stupid (like Sundae Muddy Sundae or Moon Madness), but other than that, it was a pretty average season (its my 3rd fav season).

    Plot: Same as the episode, same characters get dropped out of plane, yadda yadda yadda. Although, after Sierra gets off of Courtney in the carriage, Courtney starts blaming her for possibly losing them the challenge (and they eventually do).

    Winning Team: Villainous Vultures

    Exile: The person who gets exiled is the…

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  • DamiedeterJR

    Leaving, sorta

    January 8, 2013 by DamiedeterJR

    That's right, guys. But don't worry, it doesn't mean I'm actually leaving the wiki, it's just that since Season 5 is taking a while, I might not make as much edits as I used to. Also, I'm now getting to be a big help on Gravity Falls Wiki more. So, does this all mean that I'm offically leaving the wiki? No, like I said before, I'll still be editing from time to time, but not a lot. :)

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