Episode Plots

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1

The 18 contestants join Total Drama for the Third Season. Most contestants are happy when they learn that singing is a part of the show this season. However, one contestant does not like the idea. However, he is convinced to sing by another contestant during the first song of the season. Chris McLean then announces the first challenge of the season, Pyramid Over-Under. CD, Ale, and KG decided to team up and go over the Pyramid, followed by Addict, who was trying to shoot CD with a water gun, who was followed by Bigez, who was in the middle of Ryan and FH's arguing. Another group, Awesome and Aimers decided to go around the pyramid, while the rest of the contestants went through the volcano, but split into three groups when there were three possible paths to take. TDF, Poli, and BB take one path, Neko, Nalyd, and Dakota take another path, and Musou, WM, Ishni, and Jam take the final path, after being separated from the other group by a booby trap. While in their path, TDF accidentally causes a mummified dog to disintegrate, setting off the Curse of the Mummified Dog TDF, Poli, and BB are the first to escape the pyramid and win the challenge, and were placed in the first team section. CD and Ale then fall from the top of the pyramid after finally being shot with the water gun by Addict, without KG, who was still at the top, not getting shot. Aimers and Awesome then arrive from around the pyramid, and Aimers is the last person of the first team, while Awesome is the first person on the second. Neko, Nalyd, and Dakota then emerge from the pyramid, and are also placed on the second team. KG and Addict then ride down the pyramid, and are named the last members of the second team. Musou, WM, Ishni, and Jam then emerge, and they are put on the third team, to which Musou cries over, due to not being on Nalyd's team. Bigez, Ryan, and FH's finally make it to the top of the pyramid, where Chris tells them to sing a reprise of the first song. Bigez then becomes furious, dragging the two down the pyramid to Chris, where he tells Chris that he quits. Chris then allows the teams to pick their names. The first team calls themselves Team Victory. The second team calls themselves Team Nalyd Is Really Really Really Really Hot, and the final team calls themselves Team Amazon. Chris then hands Team Victory a stick, Team Nalyd a goat, and Team Amazon a camel, which they will use for their next challenge, much to Team Victory's dismay. He then signs off the episode.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

The episode opens with Chris and the contestants still standing next to the pyramid from last challenge. Team Victory is still angry over getting the worst reward, and Chris then explains that during their next challenge, they will be happy for that reward. He then explains the challenge, The Amazing Camel Race. He says that each team must take their reward from their current location to the Nile River, where they will complete their second challenge. He then spices up the competition by knocking over a basket filled with Scarab beetles, which kill an intern in the process. He then tells the contestants, who are now frightened that to soothe them, they must sing. They sing the second song of the season, Lovin' Time. This plan is successful until Nalyd sings off-key, ruining the song. This prompts the scarabs to attack the contestants, starting the challenge. Team Victory gets a strong lead, but has difficulty finding the Nile. Team Nalyd Is Really Really Really Really Hot is the first to reach the Nile, where Chris tells them the second part of their challenge, Basket Cases. He explains that each team will have to weave a basket to row from one end of the river to the other. KG quickly begins to weave after telling his team that "he knows his way around a weave". Team Victory is the next team to arrive, and when no one knows how to weave, they begin to work together. Team Amazon finally reaches the Nile, when Musou begins to beg Chris from across the river to switch to Team Nalyd. Dakota then agrees to switch with her, and Chris allows it. FH agrees to build their basket, after letting them know that she is a fourth-generation basket-weaver. Soon, each team finishes their baskets, with Team Nalyd's looking the best. Each team then begins to float across the river, when Chris announces they must sing a reprise of the first song, thanks to Nalyd. They then sing Rowin' Time, during which the Crocodiles put a hole in Team Amazon's boat, causing them to sink and lose the challenge, coming in third after Team Nalyd in first and Team Victory in second. Chris then brings Team Amazon to the elimination hall, where he explains the rules of voting. After each member of the team votes, everyone receives a barfbag except for FH and WM. FH is confident that WM is going home, due to her confessional stating her so-called alliance with Ryan and Jam. They then come on the confessional, stating that they back-stabbed FH, due to her losing them the challenge. WM is given the final barfbag, and FH, along with Bigez, are forced to take the Drop of Shame. Chris then signs off the episode.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

The episode opens up, showing Team Nalyd Is Really Really Really Really Hot in the first-class cabin, eating cookies made by an intern. Addict remarks how they should win every challenge, just because the cookies were so good. The scene then shifts to the regular cabin, where some members of Team Amazon agree to vote with each other whenever they lose to guarantee their safety. Suddenly, Chef Hatchet appears in a samurai outfit, along with Chris McLean, who announces their next location, Japan. Chef then slices up the escape door, which causes all of the contestants to be sucked out of the plane. While they believe they are falling to their impending doom, they are forced to sing Before We Die, before landing in a giant bowl of rice. Chris then announces their first challenge in Japan, Super Mega Human Pinball Smash. He then says that one member from each team will be put in a pinball with a panda bear and will try to rack up the most points to gain an advantage in the next challenge. From Team Amazon, the representative was WM, Aimers from Team Victory, and Neko from Team Nalyd. After the challenge, Chris reveals that Team Amazon won the challenge, with Team Victory in second and Team Nalyd in third, angering Neko and her team. They return back to the plane, where Chris makes them watch the Japanese promo for Total Drama Action. He then explains that each team will have to make a promo video for a new produc that Chef made, Chef Hatchet's Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails. He then announces that Team Amazon gets first pick at props, with Team Victory second, and Team Nalyd last. Poli announces that she is now the director of the video for Team Victory, and no one challenges her. By the time that Team Nalyd gets to the props, there are only scraps left, and they are forced to improvise. When the videos are viewed by Chef, he announces that Team Victory is the losing team and Team Amazon is the winner. Chris hands out barfbags to every player, except for Aimers and Poli. He then hands the final barfbag to Aimers, and Poli angrily leaves. Chris then signs off the episode.

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

The episode opens up with Team Nalyd Is Really Really Really Really Hot and Team Victory in the regular class cabin, shivering. Awesome asks where they are, and CD and BB look out their windows to see snow. Team Amazon is then pushed into the regular class by Chef Hatchet, without Ryan. Ryan is then pushed in in a bathrobe, before he/she/it tells Chef that "it's not his fault he takes extremely long showers." Chef then returns to the cockpit and tilts the plane, knocking all of the contestants out into the snow. When Chris tells them of the lack of jackets, everyone is angered, especially Ryan, who was still in his bathrobe. He then announces the first challenge, Total Drama: The Icicle, where each player will have to jump from one side of the river to the other by ice flow. BB is the first one to go, making it to the third ice flow before he slips into the water. Aimers successfully makes it across, and Chris tells him that he gets the best sled, and that all members of Team Victory must go to the designated checkpoints. Jam then crosses, and makes it successfully, getting the second best sled, and sending the rest of Team Amazon to the checkpoints. Chris then tells Awesome that he is in control of Team Nalyd's sled. WM then catches up to Ale as they are walking to the checkpoint, and he tells her how he is nervous that his team might lose. Ale then grabs on to the pole and realizes that she cannot let go. Team Amazon's sled catches up and WM gets on, saying that his team will not lose. Team Nalyd's sled reaches the checkpoint as well, picking up Musou. Team Victory's sled then arrives, and when Ale reveals that she is stuck to the pole, Chris takes the advantage for a musical number, and the team sings Stuck to a Pole. After deciding that they cannot get her unattached from the pole, they decide to take the pole from the ground and depart. However, by the time they reach the finish, the other teams are already there and they lost. At the elimination ceremony, everyone but BB and Ale receive a marshmallow, and BB receives the final. Ale then takes the drop of shame sadly, before Chris signs off the episode.

Broadway, Baby!

The episode starts with Team Nalyd Is Really Really Really Really Hot in the first class cabin, discussing where they think they would be going today. Neko and Nalyd both believed they would be going to the USA, and were excited when they find out that they are right. The scene then shifts to the regular cabin, where Team Amazon and Team Victory are sitting. WM tells his team that he feels bad that he got Ale eliminated last episode, but Dakota tells him that it wasn't his fault, and Ryan tells him that it was OK to do because it allowed them to survive for another episode. Team Nalyd is then pushed into the regular class cabin once again by Chef Hatchet, where Chris tells them that they should all file into the life raft in front of them, which they do. They then drop into a river, where CD becomes ecstatic to be in NYC. Chris then announces the challenge, Liberty or Death. All of the contestants become frightened when they learn they have to climb the Statue of Liberty, but they eventually begin to climb. After a little while, all but one member of each team is at the top, and they have to pull the other member up as well. Team Vitory and Team Amazon complete this successfully, and move to grab their carriages, while Team Nalyd has trouble pulling up Awesome. After Awesome slips, the rope begins to burn the team members' hands, causing them to let go of the rope. He then falls down to the ground, landing hard, before a commercial break. The commercial break ends, revealing Awesome in a full-body cast, watching the rest of his teammates complete the challenge. Each team then finds their matching color boats, which they must use to navigate their way through the sewers. Jam remarks to his team how there is a rumor of albino alligators in the sewers, which Dakota quickly shoots down. However, when an alligator attacks their boat, Dakota quickly takes back what he said before. Each team escapes the sewers, where Chris tells them that it's all up to them to run to Central Park to determine the winner. On the way, they are forced to sing What's Not To Love, which manages to put Team Nalyd in last after Kg tap dances too long. Team Victory is the first team to reach the middle of the park, followed by Team Amazon, then Team Nalyd. Team Nalyd is then forced to go to the elimination ceremony, where everyone but Kg and Awesome get barfbags. Kg is handed the final barfbag, which surprises his entire team. Chris then says that Awesome is forced to leave by his doctors due to his injury, which angers Kg and his team. Kg then angrily sits down next to his team, and Chris signs off the episode.

Elimination Table

# Contestant Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
TBA Aimers Victory IN IN LOW IN WIN
TBA Dakota Amazon1 IN IN WIN IN IN
TBA Ishni Amazon IN IN WIN IN IN
TBA Mikey Nalyd Debuts in Episode 132
16th Awesome Nalyd IN WIN IN WIN OUT
17th Ale Victory IN IN IN OUT
18th Poli Victory WIN IN OUT
19th FH Amazon IN OUT
20th Bigez None QUIT


1 Dakota was originally on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, but agreed to switch with Musou, who wanted to be on Nalyd's team.

2 After the pilot aired on CN, a preview of the season was shown, revealing that Mikey was debuting later in the season, ruining the surprise of the season for the viewers.

Colors significance

     WIN: Was on the winning team (Episodes 2 - 17).

     WIN: Won individual challenge (Episodes 1; 19 - 26; Won for their team (Episodes 2 - 18).

     IN: Was on the team that neither won nor lost (Episodes 2 - 11).

     IN: Had their name called at the Elimination Ceremony.

     LOW: Received the final Barf Bag(s) at the Elimination Ceremony.

     LOW: Was supposed to be eliminated in this episode, but something else happened that made him/her safe.

     LEFT/OUT/QUIT: Voted out, eliminated, or voluntarily quit in this episode.

Elimination Reasons

20) Bigez - He quit due to his dislike of singing and Ryan and FH's constant fighting.

19) FH - She took control of weaving the losing boat and was backstabbed by her so-called "alliance".

18) Poli - Poli directed the losing video for Team Victory, so they voted her off.

17) Ale - Ale got stuck to a pole, which caused her team to reach the finish line last.

16) Awesome - Awesome was injured while climbing, and was forced to quit at the advice of his doctor.

Yay for Subliminal Messaging!

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