This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.
Ranking Character Placing Reason
18th Lorenzo and Chet TBA / 18 They annoyed me. I don't understand how they managed to get onto the second flight, but their bickering seemed very one-dimensional.
17th Mickey and Jay TBA / 18 Their designs, as well as their personalities were basically direct knock-offs of Cameron, and while I found the delirium to be hilarious, they just annoyed me the whole time.
16th Noah and Owen TBA / 18 I was so happy when I found out that Noah was returning, and I was hoping that Owen would be different than he would be in TDI, but I was wrong. I even found myself hoping that they would be an early boot so Owen would leave.
15th Crimson and Ennui TBA / 18 Who? Did they even speak?
14th Rock and Spud TBA / 18 I think they had one line? If that, and clearly it wasn't very memorable.
13th Mary and Ellody TBA / 18 Besides Ellody sounding exactly like Courtney, they were basically Scarlett from TDPI, and I didn't find them that funny.
12th Jerry and Pete TBA / 18 I enjoyed the idea of having older guys in the competition, but their rivalry didn't really click with me? I don't know.
11th Geoff and Brody TBA / 18 I would've actually PREFERRED Geoff to return with Bridgette so they could have some decent character development, but Brody is basically the exact same character as Geoff, and there is a lack of development completely. Maybe without Bridgette he'll begin to fall for Carrie / Bridgette 2.0?
10th Leonard and Tammy TBA / 18 PRAISE Tammy. If she actually has lines in the future I think that she'll be very funny, and I definitely think this is what Leonard needed after what a miserable failure he was in TDPI.
9th Stephanie and Ryan TBA / 18 They're basically Geoff and Bridgette 2.0. Sure, they aren't that annoying, but I don't think they have anywhere to go as characters. I'm hoping for a potential fight plotline since they seem to be the "perfect" couple.
8th Laurie and Miles TBA / 18 They're funny. They're more personable Dawns. I think they'll get funnier as the season progresses, but they're in the middle right now because I don't hate them but they aren't special either.
7th Carrie and Devin TBA / 18 Clearly the main characters of the season. With the most screentime, and the more awkward character interactions, Carrie is basically Bridgette 2.0, whether is be personality or voice. Devin seems like he's okay, but I feel like their one-sided relationship will get real old real quick. Praying for a Geoff / Carrie plotline.
6th Dwayne and Dwayne Jr. TBA / 18 Dwayne yesssss. He's the epitome of a father, and Dwayne Jr. is the epitome of a child. I loved their relationship throughout the first episode, and I think that Dwayne continuing to be a stereotypical "dad" will be the highlight of the season.
5th Emma and Kitty TBA / 18 Heather and Lindsay? That's probably why they're ranked so highly, because they remind me of two of my favorite characters from TDI. I'm definitely interested to see how they'll play out throughout the season, and I hope they make it far because they're great so far.
4th Taylor and Kelly TBA / 18 REGINA AND MRS. GEORGE I LOVE IT SO MUCHHHH. I feel like this may grow old quickly, but for now, I'm thriving with them.
3rd Jacques and Josee TBA / 18 Oh my god, they're hilarious! I definitely think that Jacques's naiveness in regards to Josee's insults will become a plotline down the road, and that it's almost funny how her insults can blow over even the viewers' heads because they're so hidden. For now, their posing and gracefulness throughout the challenges gives me life.
2nd Sanders and MacArthur TBA / 18 MacArthur SLAYS. She reminds me a lot of Melissa McCarthy if she were to compete in the show, and I think everything that she has said so far has been utterly hilarious. Sanders is kinda blah, but I definitely think MacArthur makes up for that, and then some.
1st Tom and Jen TBA / 18 Tom reminds me heavily of myself. That's probably why they're my favorite. Even though they completely disappeared in the second half of the episode, I completely fell in love with them in the first part, and was relieved when they were revealed to be on the second flight, because I for sure thought they were going home.

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