I’ve decided to give into peer pressure and make a blog about how I feel this season’s characters are going to be, based on one trailer. Expect edits in the future! I’m going to split this blog into three parts, the characters, the island, and the plot.


Ann Maria (The Jersey Shore Reject) – From the trailer, you can tell that she appears a lot. I feel that maybe, MAYBE, her large amounts of appearances in the trailer mean that she is going to be eliminated early? But I’m guessing not. Her being a reject of one of my favorite shows causes me to like her almost immediately, so I may be biased, but the part with her hair being pecked by a woodpecker was one of my favorite parts of the trailer. And her punching Brick was AWESOME! I feel that her range of placing may be 10th – 5th.
B (The Strong Silent Genius) –
Silent B appears in the trailer quite a bit as well, so my reasoning for Ann Maria applies to him as well. He being silent all of the time may not help his team win challenges, and when he does speak, he may help them win, which will cause them to keep him. It all depends on if he talks or not, which I have a feeling he will, because the writers need to give him character development. He, along with Dawn, Lightning, and Sam win the couch challenge, so he is guaranteed to get to episode 4. I predict his range to be 11th – 7th.
Brick (The Cadet)
– Brick does not appear much in the trailer, and when he does, he gets punched. I’m going to go off on a whim here and predict a conflict with Cameron. He just seems like that kind of person to bully him because he is weak. Whether or not this will get him eliminated I don’t know, but if he doesn’t get eliminated because of that, I predict him going really far. He’ll probably have a conflict with Ann Maria after she accidentally punches him. I predict his place range to be 13th – 10th or 7th – 1st.
Cameron (The Wide-Eyed Bubble Boy)
– In the trailer, we see Cameron a few times. One of the times we see him, he is being stomped on by a large cockroach, and you can hear him say, “I WANT MY BUBBLE! I WANT MY BUBBLE!” This, along with his stereotype, causes me to believe that a bubble boy is a person who is so afraid of the outside world that they confine themselves in a bubble. This may cause him to be an early out and may cause some conflicts on his team, particularly with Brick and Jo. I predict his place to be between 13th – 9th.
Dakota (The Famemonger) –
The definition of “famemonger” is “a person who will do anything to get fame, even in a petty or contemptible way.” Basically, she is hungry for fame, and will do anything to get it. She was not seen in the trailer that much, and was only seen once on the beach. She is one of my three choices for antagonist, along with Staci and Scott. If she is not the antagonist, she will most likely be voted off early, due to her being obsessed with fame, which will probably annoy her team. He range is 13th – 11th or 3rd.
Dawn (The Moonchild)
– Dawn the moonchild is the pale girl on the couch. I think she is SO cute. She seems like a loner like Gwen, but nicer and may be closer to the people on her team. I feel that moonchild does not mean Wiccan in training, but in fact is a nice way of saying weirdo. Therefore, my earlier predictions of her casting spells causing her to get eliminated probably won’t. She is also on the picture on the couch, confirming she gets to episode 3, and the trailer shows them winning, confirming her to get to episode 4. I predict her range to be 7th – 1st.
Jo (The Take-No Prisoners Jockette)
– I predict Jo to act very similarly to Eva. I don’t think she’ll be eliminated as early though. I feel she may have a relationship with either Brick or Lightning, and if she does, she will have to stay around longer to develop. It looks as if Ann Maria was trying to punch her and she dodged, which cause her to punch Brick instead. Because of this, I predict that they will have a conflict. If her team loses, and she does not have a relationship planned, she will leave earlier. I predict either 11th – 9th or 9th – 5th.
Lightning (The Athletic Overachiever)
– I predict that Lightning will have a relationship with Jo if she doesn’t have one with Brick. I feel his personality will be similar to Tyler, always trying to impress people, but he will actually do well. I feel he will at times get overconfident and cocky, which may annoy his team. He seems to have a friendship with Dawn, Silent B, and Sam due to them winning the challenge together, but that is unknown and stretching it. I predict his range to be 10th – 4th.
Mike (The Multiple Personality Disorder)
– Mike seems like he will be crazy. Like, REALLY crazy. If he has multiple personalities, then he may be similar to Izzy a ’la Total Drama Action. I feel that he was not only given that title figuratively, but literally, and is literally crazy, like, with medications and things like that. I noticed in the trailer that he saved Zoey, so that would be really cute if they had a relationship. Other than that, I don’t know what to say. He’ll probably get far because he’ll slide by like Izzy. I predict 7th-4th.
Sam (The Nice Guy Gamer)
– Four words. I DON’T LIKE HIM. His faces are annoying. They just bother me. Then again, I’m probably biased. I don’t think he will win. He is guaranteed to get past episode three, so he won’t leave that early, but I don’t think he will make it much further past that. I feel he will be eliminated within the next 3 episodes after that. I feel he won’t have many friends and will always be immersed in a game when a challenge isn’t going on. I predict his range of placing to be 11th – 9th.
Scott (The Devious Guy) –He is the second of three characters I predict to be this season’s antagonist, along with Dakota and Staci. However, he is the most likely of the three in my opinion, due to the other two not being seen in the trailer much at all. If he does become the antagonist, he will definitely come in 3rd, and even if he’s not, I see him going far anyways. He reminds me of Duncan, who came in 4th in Total Drama Island, so I see him definitely making the merge and possibly final five. I predict 5th – 2nd.
Staci (The Compulsive Liar)
– A compulsive liar is someone who lies all of the time. An antagonist is someone who lies all of the time. Therefore, Staci is the third and final choice of mine as to who the antagonist of the season is going to be. As the same with Dakota, she was not seen much in the trailer, which causes me to believe that she will be eliminated very early. I don’t know what else to say about her, but she seems a bit ditzy like Lindsay as she doesn’t even notice the man-eating plant. I predict her range to be 13th-11th.
Zoey (The Indie Chick) – Zoey was my original favorite character, but that may have changed when the designs changed. I still think that the girl on the couch looks more Indie, but everyone says this girl is Indie, so I’m going to believe them. She seems very friendly from the trailer, and she may have a relationship with Mike. I don’t see her winning, but I see her getting midway. Not merge material, but probably before that, one or two episodes. I predict her range to be 9th – 6th.

My Elimination Order

(Assuming RR Have the Losing Streak | Assuming MM Have the Losing Streak)

13th) Staci | Cameron

12th) Dakota | Jo

11th) Sam | Brick

10th) Cameron | Staci

9th) B | Sam

8th) Jo | B

7th) Brick | Zoey

MERGE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MERGE

6th) Zoey | Scott

5th) Lightning | Ann Maria

4th) Ann Maria | Lightning

3rd) Scott | Dakota

1st/2nd) Dawn | Dawn

1st/2nd) Mike | Mike

My Ideas on Contestant Interactions


  • Zoey and Mike
    • Many times throughout both the trailer and in the promo pic, Mike and Zoey are shown interacting. However, in the contestants screen, Zoey is shown blushing at Mike, who looks like he is feeling uncomfortable, which may suggest a one-sided relationship on Zoey's part.
  • Dawn or Dakota and Scott
    • I'm not really sure why I picked Dawn and Scott. It might have been after seeing a really cute picture on Deviantart of them. :p An my reasoning behind Dakota and Scott is simple. They would be the next Heather and Alejandro!
  • Jo and Brick or Lightning
    • Jo and Brick have been shown interacting many times throughout the trailer, and they both seem to have similar personalities, like a rough and tough kind of person. I could see Jo and Lightning as well, as both of them being extremely athletic.
  • Ann Maria and Lightning (If the above doesn't happen.)
    • Once again, another whim. :P


  • Dawn and Everyone
    • I picked this one because she seems like the character that gets along with her team, having a mix of personalities of Gwen's and Bridgette's, both of which have friendships with everyone.
  • Zoey and Everyone
    • Same as above.
  • B and Lightning
    • While I feel that B could have more friendships, this is the one I predict the most. I feel that Lightning may get on his team's nerves with his overachieving personality, but since B is mostly silent, I feel like he wouldn't talk back to Lightning, which was cause a friendship.


  • Ann Maria and Everyone
    • As of now, she seems to have a clear conflict with Jo, even seen trying to punch her in the promo. However, she punches Brick by mistake, which may cause a conflict with him as well.
  • Brick and Everyone
    • He seems like the type of person that would be controlling to everyone else. Therefore, I feel like the others, minus Jo, would be annoyed by his controlling personality.
  • Dakota and Everyone
    • Dakota's famemonger personality would probably annoy everyomne, and if she is the new Heather, she would seem to not like anyone.
  • Jo and Everyone
    • Same as Brick.
  • Mike and his Team
    • In TDI, Izzy often annoyed her team members. Since many believe that he will have a personailty similar to Izzy's, I feel like they would share a hatred from their team.
  • Staci and her Team
    • As we know, Staci is a compulsive liar. I feel like her lies would cause the team to lose challenges, which would annoy them.


So far, we have seen 4 or 5 places on the island. I will go through each of these locations and note the differences from TDI to now.

The Beach


The Beach in TDRI.


Notice the side beaches on the left and right.

As you can see, the beach that the contestants are on is not the main beach from TDI. The beach from TDI was often shown with the cabins lying in the background, something that is not shown here and is instead replaced by a background of the forest. I believe that something happens in the first episode, which is from what I believe this picture to be taken, causes the contestants to arrive on a side beach and get wet (as shown by their hair.)

The Forest


The forest of TDI.


I find this odd.

This could possibly be the greatest and most obvious difference from TDI to TDRI. As you can see from the trailer, the trees and many places in the forest, including the animals, have been affected by the radioactive waste, causing them to mutate. The only thing that I find odd is from the picture on the right. Notice that Scott running though the forest, looks almost perfectly normal. The trees and landscape have no noticeable difference from TDI.

The Cliff

Lightning icy

The cliff is different.


Loss of vegetation.

The cliff looks very different from TDI. It has a large amount of barbed wire and is very jagged, which didn't exist in TDI. It also lost much of its vegetation, looking almost bare and having the appearance of a junkyard.

The Mysterious Ice Place


Where is this?

This is perhaps the greatest mystery from the trailer. We have no idea as to where on the island this place, which looks to be made of snow and ice is located. This picture also shows the radioactivity affecting the island, as it has human-sized cockroaches.

The Camp


The mess hall is intact.

The camp looks to be very much intact from TDI, almost having no differences. The campers are still shown to be eating in the mess hall, which looks to be exactly the same as TDI.

Major Theory #1 - Losing Streak


Title is Truth or L? S?

Awhile ago, we were shown this photo to the right, which gives us an episode number (83) and part of a title (Truth or L???? S????). As this picture was released, the possibility of Truth or Losing Streak as a title was brought up, and the possibility of a team losing both Episode 2 and Episode 3's challenges, as a losing streak is a loss of 3 or more times, and if they had lost the challenge in Episode 4, whichever team had lost the challenges would officially be on a losing streak.
TDR 081 PO253 P1-copy

Episode 81/Episode 3.

As such, we were also shown the photo to the left, which shows Sam, Silent B, Dawn, and Lightning in Episode 3, which confirms their safety up until then. Now, assuming Episode 1 is a non-elimination, as it most always is, only one possible member of the RR could have been eliminated. This confirms that at least two members of the RR are offscreen in another location, so it is impossible for Scott, Dakota, AND Staci to be eliminated. However, it is not impossible for one of the three to be eliminated.

The RR are shown cheering.

After the reveal of the TDRI trailer in April, another moment of the same scene is shown again, this time, with the four members of RR cheering. Now, I assume, not meaning that it will be what actually happens, that the RR win the challenge, which prompts them to cheer. Another photo to back me up with this is also from the TDRI trailer, when Ann Maria punches Brick, shown below. If you look closely, you can see the same background and color of sky as the couch pic, which leads me to believe that it is from the same episode.

Same background as couch pic.

If you watch the scene of the trailer, you can see that Ann Maria actually is aiming to punch Jo, but Jo quickly dodges and Brick is punched instead. I believe that from this photo, that Jo did something to cause the loss of the challenge, which causes her to be eliminated, or at least voted on by Ann Maria. Now, assuming that Episode 4 is titled Truth or Losing Streak, the only possible explanation is that either the RR just won an advantage in Episode 3, the RR lose a member in Episode 1 and Episode 2, and lose the thirsd challenge as well, or the 4th Episode isn't even named Truth or Losing Streak. However, if none of the above are true, then the only possible explanation is that...

The Mutant Maggots are the team that go on a losing streak.

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