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Today, June twelfth fourteenth, 2013, we were presented with the following poster, which reveals the silhouettes of the fourteen competitors who are competing in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. I found it fit to give my opinions on how I believe the characters will act in regards to their personalities, as well as my current thoughts on their placings. Before I begin, I would like to say that I believe that this season will have a female antagonist, because of the fact that the past two seasons have had a primary male antagonist.

Pahkitew Promo Poster2


Competitor #1



Viewing this competitor, I imagine her to be immature and annoying. Seeing that she's smaller than the other competitors, I picture her to be childish and that she will get on the other competitors' nerves. I predict her to be better at mental challenges over physical challenges, which might cause her downfall because the first challenges are almost always physical.


Due to what I believe her personality to be, I think that she will be an early out. However, I predict that events will occur that prevent her from being eliminated in the first few episodes, so I am giving her a prediction of 12th-9th.

Competitor #2



This is one character whose gender has been argued. I personally believe this character to be an adventurous woman. I believe this greatly due to the fact that she appears to be wearing the exact hat that Manitoba Smith wore in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. I predict her to be good at physical challenges, but she might lack at mental challenges.


I predict this girl to be well-liked by the other competitors. Because of this, I find it highly unlikely that she will win. However, I think she will most-likely make the merge. I giver her a placing of 8th-4th.

Competitor #3



This character is probably my favorite of the fourteen at the moment, based solely on the fact that he has a resemblance to myself and his background color is my favorite color. I predict this character to be good at both physical and mental challenges, and that he will be well-liked by the females of the season. This might get him targeted by the males of the season as well as the female antagonist of the season.


I would be surprised if this character does not win because of the fact that I could see him outsmarting the antagonist or charming her. I am giving this character the placing of 5th-1st.

Competitor #4



This character was another questionable gender character. I am predicting this character to be a grungy male character. I predict this character to get on the other characters' nerves based on the fact that I picture him to smell and to be too lazy to participate in the challenges. However, I believe that because of this, he will have a hidden ability such as Harold's beatboxing, unless he is eliminated before this talent is revealed.


I am giving him a very large range of placing, based on the fact that he may or may not have a special talent. Therefore, I will give him a placing of 14th-7th.

Competitor #5



This character makes me confused. Because of the shape of the neck, the bun-shaped hair, and the presence of a bow, I am feeling that this character might be an old lady. And if so, I predict her to be an early out. If not, I feel that she will be very hipster and alternative, and seeing how well that treated Zoey last season, I predict her to get far with that personality.


If, in fact this character is an old lady, I am giving her a placing of 14th-11th. If she is not, I think that this character will fall into the underdog category, and she has the possibility of making the final 2, with a placing of 7th-1st.

Competitor #6



This character is what I believe to be a ghetto girl, and I am really excited for her. Knowing the luck of Anne Maria and Leshawna from past seasons, she'll probably make merge, no matter how bad she is in challenges.


Because of the luck that ghetto girls have had in their respective first seasons, I am predicting that she will place 7th-4th.

Competitor #7



This character reminds me of Cody from his silhouette, and I believe him to have the same personality. Because of this, I don't know how well-received he will be by the other competitors. In regards to challenges, I think he will be better at mental challenges than physical challenges, which, similar to competitor 1, might not help him in the long run considering the first few challenges are always physical.


I would be surprised if he lasts more than the first few episodes, so I'm giving him a ranking of 14th-12th.

Competitor #8



This character's design reminds me a lot of Jude from 6Teen. I picture him as a skater character. He won't be as grungy as competitor 4, and therefore, will be more well-received by the other competitors. I picture him having love-hate relationships similar to Duncan's in TDI. As for challenges, I believe he will do better in physical challenges than mental challenges.


I believe that this character will make the merge, based on the fact that he will most likely be good at physical challenges. I am giving him a placing of 10th-5th.

Competitor #9



I don't know why, but because of the sharpness of the neck, similar to Heather, I am predicting this character to be of Asian descent. However, I predict her to be the cliche Asian girl in Pitch Perfect: quiet but loud when she needs to be. I don't think she has a chance at winning, but I think she has a possibility of making it past the merge, based on the fact that she will probably do well at the mental challenges.


Because of the fact that I believe her to make merge, I am giving her a ranking of 8th-5th.

Competitor #10



For some reason, and it makes me angry, I think that this character will be related to Owen somehow. Now two things can come out of this: One possibility is that everyone will like him just as they liked Owen and he will become a screen hog in similar fashion. The second possibility is that the other competitors will view him as a threat because of the fact that he is related to Owen.


The two possibilities greatly alter his placing in my prediction. If the characters do fall in love with him in similar fashion to Owen, he would most likely win. If not, he would most likely be an early out, with a range of 14th-11th.

Competitor #11



This character seems like he'll have an overly-aggressive athletic personality like Lightning. However, from his silhouette, I believe that he will be more obnoxious about it than Lightning and he will less liked than Lightning was. However, I believe that he will perform well in physical challenges, preventing his team from losing the first few challenges if they are indeed physical.


Because of the fact that he will most likely help his team win the first few challenges, I think he will be eliminated in the episodes thereafter, and I am giving him a ranking of 10th-8th.

Competitor #12



Clearly, this girl and competitor 13 are identical twins. I am excited to see how this plays out. I believe that, due to this, the other competitors will often get them confused. Because of her background color, I am predicting that she will be the primary antagonist of the season.


Because of the fact that Scott changed up the pattern of antagonists placing 3rd, so I will be giving her a range of 4th-3rd.

Competitor #13



Like I said above, this character and competitor 12 are identical twins. However, 12 is the antagonist of the season. Because of the background colors, I am predicting a sort of "devil and angel" scenario, with this character being the nicest of the season. She will be well-liked by everyone.


However, I predict her sister setting her up for a loss because she is threatening her chances at winning. Therefore, I believe that she will be eliminated pre-merge, but not early. Therefore, I give her a placing of 10th-7th.

Competitor #14



This is the only character I am unable to tell anything about from their silhouette, including their gender. Therefore, I cannot predict what their personality is.


Because of the fact that I cannot tell anything about this character from their silhouette, I cannot give them a placing.

Predicted Elimination Table

Well that's it for my predictions! Feel free to comment on what you believe their personalities and rankings to be below! :)

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