Quote1 ...I personally don't believe that... Lindsay, and Sam are All-stars...Lindsay...made it so far in most of seasons by standing behind her friends... Season 1: Heather/Beth, Season 2: Beth/Justin, and Season 3: Tyler/Alejandro. She is one of the favorites and I do like her as a character, but I'm not judging by if I like the character or not. Quote2
TotalFool (TDAS Talkpage)

I am not going against your opinion, but I have to disagree with this.

Lindsay is in all way, shape, and form an all-star.

Let me begin by stating that the definition of an "all-star" is: "a star performer". Lindsay has appeared in 46 episodes, with her average placing being 9th.


Lindsay stands up for herself.

Sure, in TDI she was carried along by Heather. But so was Beth. However, Lindsay was the ally that Heather trusted to take further than Beth. Sure, that was because Beth caused her own demise, but even Lindsay wasn't dumb enough to take something from the island that Chris told her not to. Nonetheless, Lindsay showed her true all-star colors in That's Off The Chain!, when she finally stood up for herself. She states, "And guess what? I don't want to be BFFs anymore. I'd rather spend the day staring at Owen's butt, than shopping with you! And P.S, your shoes, are tacky." She includes the fact that she stood up for Heather, and finally realizes that everyone was right all along: she is mean. Lindsay's ability to realize her mistakes and take on the villain not only show her to be an all-star, but also a hero.


Beth distracts Lindsay while voting.

In TDA, she took control of her team. She won a total of 5 challenges for her team, and helped carry Beth to the final 6 and ultimately the finale. However, the true cause of her elimination turned out to be Beth, who distracted her while voting. Had Lindsay not voted herself out, it is unknown how far she would have gone, but her, Beth, and Harold's alliance would most likely have made it further than it did.

The same occurred in TDWT. Lindsay once again helped her team to victory in the Amazon, and was going to finish the challenge in Paris. However, thanks to DJ's "curse," it was ruined. Had DJ not ruined the challenge, Team Victory would have won in Paris, and it is unknown how far she would have gone.


DJ ruins the statue.

Lindsay only had a total of 4 times in the final 2 while participating in the 46 episodes she competed in, and was never eliminated fairly.

In fact, one piece of trivia on her page states, "Lindsay has never been eliminated normally because: In Total Drama Island, she was technically the last person to cross the finish line in the motocross challenge, in Total Drama Action, she accidentally votes herself off after being distracted by Beth, and in Total Drama World Tour, she loses the tiebreaker challenge to DJ."

Let me return to the definition of an "all-star" is: "a star performer". Lindsay's total wins for her team, her lack of final 2 and fair eilimations, and her overall character make her a suitable candidate for the Heroic Hamsters team on Total Drama: All-Stars.