I know it hasn't been confirmed yet, HOWEVER, I am interested in knowing everybody else's views on what they want to see if there is one. In my opinion I would rather have a new TDRR season considering it had 26 episodes compared to TDAS and TDPI's only 13, it had actual development, wasn't horrid to watch, and had a new formula. Further more Don imo was much less self absorbed and pure mean compared to Chris. I think it would be interesting to bring back some TDRR characters AND TD characters along with new ones. I mean, there's reasons I wouldn't want a new Total Drama season, TDAS, TDPI, and TDRI were MAJOR let downs compared to the first 3 seasons. TDPI wasn't bad, but the overused comedy and 13 episodes really made it bland. I know there's a lot of TDWT fans and TDRR fans. So I think there should be a new season of TDRR instead. What are your guy's views? I am open to hearing different opinions and views.

Don't come after me, this is my first blog post here, sorry if it's bad :*(

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