Since you all liked my TDAS and TDPI reviews I thought I'd share my opinions and thoughts on TDA since I'm currently rewatching it. Keep in mind of spoilers (tbh who hasn't seen TDA) and that this is just my view. 

So basically this season continues at where the last season left of at. Last time we had a race to find a the million dollars hidden around the island. Sadly it ended up getting eaten (not really) and the 14 closest to getting the brief case were all chosen to return for season two. Sadly the rest of the cast would not be participating. The season starts off strong with some obviously new things, like Beth's teeth being free from her braces, Bridget and Geoff making out, Trent and Gwen dating, and Heather bald. Basically the theme for the season is The Movies. Which is actually a very good idea. 

The formula is about the same, outside from challenges and the setting being related to acting and movies. The first episode is purely an introduction, we get some development and basically there's no elimination and no teams yet. 2nd episode basically is all about alien movies, Gwen and Trent end up winning the challenge and shockingly will have be on opposing teams this season. The episode ends with a double elimination, where we see Bridget and Geoff go home. But don't worry, we get to see some more of them later on. 

I wont go into detail on every episode but basically things get juicy around episode 3, drama between Trent and Gwen, Heather being bossy, and Izzy eliminated. Episodes continue but it seems this season there isn't a elimination every episode, there's now reward challenges, which balances out since there's less people this time around. Eventually the drama, jealousy, and misunderstandings end up breaking up Trent and Gwen, due to Trent blowing challenges for Gwen. Gwen ends up going home too like 2 episodes after, as her team voted her off. One thing definitely different this season is the amount of comebacks and returns. Izzy returned after being eliminated, Owen returned after being eliminated, and the preppy girl herself, Courtney was brought into the season due to a law suit.

Things start to change once Courtney arrive, and before this we got to see some drama form due to Leshawna fake crying to get a spa day. This drama carries on and gets worse for Leshawna. And for Courtney, she ends up becoming the brat of the season. She gets advantages and MANY unfair treatments. Although this balances out since barely anyone likes her. Also we get a new segment this season, the aftermath. Where we get to see old and eliminated contestants basically get interviewed by Bridget and Geoff, this segment happens every 6 episodes I believe. 

There's a lot of new plots this season outside from the ones I've explained, like Justin wanting to win, Lindsay becoming slightly more smarter (slightly), and more. Overall this season is really action packed and is definitely a good continuation/sequel to the first season. We get tons of new plots and more to love. Sadly there are things I purely hated like how Harold ALWAYS got picked on by Duncan and somehow Duncan made it to the finale? Sure I liked Beth but Lindsay didn't deserve to go home, her elimination made me furious, considering she was so much better this season. Why was I actually mad? Owen. Sure I like Owen and sure I did want him to return in All Stars (he and Beth are actual all stars) but I am not a fan of returning characters around the final 4 or 5. I mean yeah he was brought back to cause drama but we all know Owen barely did anything. I mean he won the last season, why let him have such a high ranking AGAIN. The reason I was fine with Courtney was because she actually had a decent plot and wasn't introduced late in the game, and definitely put up a fight. Overall I didn't like Owen returning.

And the final 2? Was not expecting Beth and Duncan. I think it would only make sense to have Lindsay not Beth, but then again Beth did improve this season, but did she really deserve to make it to the finale? But don't get me wrong, Duncan didn't deserve to make it to the finale either, he was a bully this season and overall just a giant jerk. I would rather have Courtney than Duncan, and that says a lot. I mean Courtney won more immunity challenges, made enemies and allies. All Duncan did was bully Harold, win like barely any challenges, and go crazy over Courtney. But if I had to say who was more deserving, it has to be Beth, like I said Duncan was just not a winner in my book. 

Overall this season had a lot, but not all of it was bad. I would say around the merge is where things got a bit worse, but overall this season definitely was a good one. Not the best, definitely not the best, but was a decent one and worth watching. 

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