Alright so I kinda want to make a new blog and since I'm rewatching TDPI, I wanna hear your guys views on Samey and Amy, more or less of who you like more. I prefer Samey since overall Amy was just a jerk to Samey who would take credit for things she did etc and really did not benefit her team nor had a game plan. I mean Samey was pretty cool this season, she was able to manipulate *most* of the contestants that she was Amy and managed to get payback for what Amy has done and said to Samey. I really wish Samey lasted longer as Amy, especially since most of the contestants were just walking gimics and really had no motives. Well actually most of the really gimicy characters did leave early, IE Beardo, Leonard. But I digress, who was your favorite? Amy or Samey, and why? 






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