Where do I begin? Well I supposed I should say, if you haven't watched TDPI yet then don't read this as it may contain spoilers. Anyways, I shall begin.

First off we are back to the 13 episode thing. I've never been a fan of this, we get barely any time to develop all the characters and it ends up feeling rushed. But I do have to say this whole season was a mega let down. 

The formula is the same as TDRI and TDAS. Every episode there's an elim, however instead this season the winner gets a take out meal, which is neat. I do like the fact that they had to make their own shelter. It feels more survival oriented this season compared to the sumer camp feel from the first season. 

Challenges are probably the only element I liked, very detailed and a lot of creativity was sorta put into most of the challenges. 

The characters though, complete let down. First off every character outside from Jasmine and Sky, have a gimic. They seem to use these gimics to develop the characters, however it back fires. One prime example has to be Rodney, instead of just giving him a understandable personality like most people from the previous seasons, the only thing he has going is that he crushes over every girl on his team. Its not just with Rodney, literally all other characters have a gimic and the writers mainly only focused on those gimics and nothing more, which really makes the characters bland. Along with this there's really no good villains or even any good plots. 

Comedy this season was overused. This entire season felt like a comedy and nothing more, barely any interesting drama, barely any friendships or backstabbing, its just comedy and comedy. It really ruins the development and the potential. 

There's really not much else to say, but definitely this would go as the 2nd worst TD season IMO. It could have been enjoyable and fun to watch for those who used to watch the older seasons, if only they didn't screw up everything and try to turn it all into a Comedy.

Luckily after seeing TDRR, I can only hope they continue a formula or at least take inspiration from it, if they make a new TD season. 

Overall a pretty bland and ruined season. But that's just my view on it. Sorry if I come off as hateful, its just this season has been one of my least favorites and I wanted to voice my view. 

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