Back in 2013, I was EXTATIC when I saw the commerical for All-Stars. I saw the previous seasons and thought "wow, the best characters coming back? AND in the same season?! THIS HAS TO BE GOOD!" sadly I was wrong. The trailers and previews DEFINITELY made many fans including myself excited to see further episodes and to actually watch the season. But going deeper into the season, you start to realize the BAD. 

I will review basically the major points of the season and address my feelings about some of the uh, "additions". 

The first episode is a pretty good introduction, but sadly once again, ONLY 14, which worked in TDA, since there was reward challenges to balance it out, but like TDROTI, 13 episodes and a cast of 14 makes it hard to get to know the characters. The characters, well, are not exactly the best choices. I will agree, Gwen, Duncan, Heather, Lindsay, Courtney, Alejandro, etc were all good choices. Sierra was meh, she was more interesting and funnier when she was competing with Cody. But what about FAN favorites and actual all-stars? Like Owen, he's won TDI and has competed in all the seasons (outside from TDROTI) prior. Beth made it to the final 2 in TDA, why not bring her back? What about Leshawna? Who doesn't like Leshawna? I could write a list of BETTER characters to choose, but sadly with the 14 only thing, it makes it hard to bring back the real all-stars. The TDROTI choice is well, not good. We get Zoey, Mike, Sam, Jo, Cameron, Scott, and Lightning. Again, some pretty meh choices, I could understand most but why Sam? He is no where qualified to be considered an All-Star. The cast interaction is what you would expect, except the teams this time is villains vs heros. The fact Courtney was put on the Heros' side is just sad, it's like the writers forgot about her attitude in TDA. 

Anyways, moving on. The episode is what you'd expect at this point, Lindsay is basically the loser of the day, getting sent home. It's sad really, she was clearly showing somewhat of an improvment in TDA and TDWT, shame to see such a character get flushed away, all so we could have more expected screen time for other characters. We soon start to see Mike is struggling, basically it's his new personality Mal, who's controling his mind and preventing him from summoning his other personalities, overall nobody senses crap, and Mal ends up taking over a few episodes in. Zoey is clueless, Cameron is the only person I somewhat was rooting for, again. The eliminations are kinda expected. The Heather and Alejandro rivalry ends early as Heather gets sent home before the merge! This season kinda focuses on different plot points. Mainly between Mike and Zoey, Gwen and Courtney, Courtney and Scott, and Duncan becoming "soft". Courtney basically forgives Gwen around the merge, which is finally something good in this season. Duncan and Gwen break up, how expected. Courtney and Scott is just another ship brought to life. Oh did I mention, Scott is not even somewhat evil this season? Outside from the 2nd episode he doesn't do 1 single evil action. What's up with that? Bring back the best villain from last season, only to make him a moronic punching bag for Courtney to date? How sad. 

Zoey and Mike are basically guaranteed the finale spot, who didn't see it coming? Sadly Mal as in control majority of the season and Zoey was too blind to learn from last season and realize that it wasn't Mike, even after being warned like 100 times. 

Gwen basically sticks it to Courtney after discovering that Courtney only cares about winning, and will just use Gwen. Gwen and Scott fall victim to Mal and get booted (expected). There were other eliminations but most were caused by Mal or just predictable from a mile away. A lot of disqualifications this season, and rigging, which gets carried over to TDPI sadly. 

Not much else to say, was expecting more originally but we ended up getting the most predictable and boring season. Probably the lowest ranking season by far. Huge dissapointment and basically craps on the other seasons and treats Zoey and Mike like king and queen. We lost a lot of potential, the cast choice was horrible, the writing was awful, and the plots were boring. They should of focused on better plots instead of rehashing the same plot for every single episode. Seriously but much else to say, just a bad season overall. 

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