If you are very sensitive to opinions then just go like now. K thanks. 

I decided since I like voicing my views, why not voice my opinions on hate. But this hate isn't about me at all. It's about 5 characters that get hated for some pretty petty reasons. So here is my list.

     5.   Blaineley


Overall Blaineley seems to get a lot of hate. But why? I think it's because of the interactions between her, Geoff, and Bridgette. But to hate her is kinda sad. She is a funny character and kinda interesting. Sure she's not nice, but who didn't like seeing her slap Heather? I feel like she gets too much hate, when all she did was reveal Bridgette's interactions towards Alejandro, which honestly isn't as bad as how Geoff was last season on aftermath. She also made Bridgette go roaming instead of her, but let's be honest, Geoff humiliated Blaineley multiple times in one segment and forced her on the show. Yet we are still supposed to hate her? I'll be honest, she's not a bad character, but the portrayal that characters like Geoff try to push promotes too much hate. She doesn't deserve the hate she gets to be honest.

4. Mike and Zoey


Okay so basically people dislike the interactions and attitudes these two hold. Many people complain that their relationship is too "Mary sue" but that's totally not true. Mike had to suffer through tons of pain and dishonesty with himself and other people in order to confess his feelings. He had to endure fighting for control TWICE. Their relationship was not a walk in the park. Mal took over at one point and basically broke a lot of trust. Zoey isn't Mary sue either. She's a strong character, but she has feelings. Her feelings were broken MANY times within 2 seasons. To treat them like a Mary sue couple is not correct at all. I'm not a fan of these two, but they certainly do no deserve the hate. 

3. Sky 


Sky overall is a very likeable person. She played a fair game and tried her best to not be harsh. She got screwed over by Dave. She tried on multiple occasions to make it clear that she had a boyfriend but Dave didn't listen. Yet she gets hated. Its not her fault that Dave went home. He literally screwed himself over. But for some reason people want to blame Sky and make her seem evil. She likes Dave but she clearly wasn't looking to date. And I don't blame her, winning a million bucks is a lot better than crushing over a guy. She tried doing the right thing, if Dave let her speak, she could of told him properly. Its not her fault for his elimination.

     2. Sadie 

Okay so you may be asking, "why sadie" well the reasoning SEVERLY makes me mad. Sadie mainly was hated back then for simply being a bit more heavier than other characters. She would be called ugly and fat, which is totally bull crap. Sadie is pretty and smart. She lasted longer than Katie for a reason. And the fact people hate her for things relating to her looks makes me mad. Not many people argue regarding Sadie anymore, but years ago she receieved a lot of hate. I just don't understand the dislike of Sadie. The worst thing she did was accidently hit an apple at Courtney. She honestly didn't deserve to get voted out, and she definitely doesn't deserve hate for her looks and weight. 

        1. Rodney   

And finally we have Rodney. Rodney has received a lot of hate. A lot of it is really dumb as well. I liked Rodney character. Why? Because I along with many other people have speech issues, and honestly stressful and anxiety filling moments do not help. So having a character to relate to is nice to have! Hence why I understood Rodney. While yes his nature of "dating" and "loving" is odd, its actually understandable if you do research on disorders like Rodney's. And shockingly this happens a lot to people who have little to no friends or are simply loners. Since Rodney grew up on a farm and doesn't seem to have a mother figure or frmale figure in his life, his interactions are expected. He got voted out for something he couldn't control, he himself didn't even know what to say. He could of been a really cool character, only if the writers didn't throw the potential in the trash. And the hate is even worse. People claim he isn't poliet to ladies, when honestly he hasn't done anything harmful to them. He's literally only suffered from issues inside his mind, and yet he gets made fun of for it and told he isn't poliet. And I find it sad when a villain like Amy gets more praise and like than relatable characters. Hating someone for a disability, their looks, weight, or disorders is low. I truely believe Rodney is a interesting character. He's kinda like Sierra, except Rodney actually isn't insane. Its kinda odd how Mike, who also has a disorder also gets hate. We should start appreciating characters more and stop hating. Rodney is NOT a bad character at all. He doesn't deserve shame. 

Whoa that was something wasn't it. I am happy to just be able to say this all. I hope people take some advice and actually appreciate some good attributes about the characters. Not everyone is a bad person. 

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