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  • DaisyPeachPower

    Alright so I kinda want to make a new blog and since I'm rewatching TDPI, I wanna hear your guys views on Samey and Amy, more or less of who you like more. I prefer Samey since overall Amy was just a jerk to Samey who would take credit for things she did etc and really did not benefit her team nor had a game plan. I mean Samey was pretty cool this season, she was able to manipulate *most* of the contestants that she was Amy and managed to get payback for what Amy has done and said to Samey. I really wish Samey lasted longer as Amy, especially since most of the contestants were just walking gimics and really had no motives. Well actually most of the really gimicy characters did leave early, IE Beardo, Leonard. But I digress, who was your fa…

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  • DaisyPeachPower

    If you are very sensitive to opinions then just go like now. K thanks. 

    I decided since I like voicing my views, why not voice my opinions on hate. But this hate isn't about me at all. It's about 5 characters that get hated for some pretty petty reasons. So here is my list.

         5.   Blaineley

    Overall Blaineley seems to get a lot of hate. But why? I think it's because of the interactions between her, Geoff, and Bridgette. But to hate her is kinda sad. She is a funny character and kinda interesting. Sure she's not nice, but who didn't like seeing her slap Heather? I feel like she gets too much hate, when all she did was reveal Bridgette's interactions towards Alejandro, which honestly isn't as bad as how Geoff was last season on aftermath. She…

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  • DaisyPeachPower

    Since you all liked my TDAS and TDPI reviews I thought I'd share my opinions and thoughts on TDA since I'm currently rewatching it. Keep in mind of spoilers (tbh who hasn't seen TDA) and that this is just my view. 

    So basically this season continues at where the last season left of at. Last time we had a race to find a the million dollars hidden around the island. Sadly it ended up getting eaten (not really) and the 14 closest to getting the brief case were all chosen to return for season two. Sadly the rest of the cast would not be participating. The season starts off strong with some obviously new things, like Beth's teeth being free from her braces, Bridget and Geoff making out, Trent and Gwen dating, and Heather bald. Basically the them…

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  • DaisyPeachPower

    Back in 2013, I was EXTATIC when I saw the commerical for All-Stars. I saw the previous seasons and thought "wow, the best characters coming back? AND in the same season?! THIS HAS TO BE GOOD!" sadly I was wrong. The trailers and previews DEFINITELY made many fans including myself excited to see further episodes and to actually watch the season. But going deeper into the season, you start to realize the BAD. 

    I will review basically the major points of the season and address my feelings about some of the uh, "additions". 

    The first episode is a pretty good introduction, but sadly once again, ONLY 14, which worked in TDA, since there was reward challenges to balance it out, but like TDROTI, 13 episodes and a cast of 14 makes it hard to get to …

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  • DaisyPeachPower

    Where do I begin? Well I supposed I should say, if you haven't watched TDPI yet then don't read this as it may contain spoilers. Anyways, I shall begin.

    First off we are back to the 13 episode thing. I've never been a fan of this, we get barely any time to develop all the characters and it ends up feeling rushed. But I do have to say this whole season was a mega let down. 

    The formula is the same as TDRI and TDAS. Every episode there's an elim, however instead this season the winner gets a take out meal, which is neat. I do like the fact that they had to make their own shelter. It feels more survival oriented this season compared to the sumer camp feel from the first season. 

    Challenges are probably the only element I liked, very detailed and…

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