Okay! My First day on Total Drama Wiki. Sure I have been here before to look up some infomation but the first offical day it today. Wow so much to do edit and talk about! But first I'll tell you a bit about me.

Im Livz and I am a 13 year old girl from England. I love Total Drama and 6teen they are my faviorte shows! Ok Right now me and my girl friend are in a fight so I guess my Best Friend now is Codie, We always hang out with my guy group of friends Silver, Josh and Tyler. Sometimes I even hang out with my boyfriend. No one at school (exepct Silver) Knows about total drama and I can say I am the biggest TDI TDA TDWT fan at school.

So thats me and What I do lol x


What TDI Charater do you think you are most like? I act like Brigette and Lindsay, Sweet Kind Veggie who loves the water but yet a rich kinda dumb hot blonde.

Out of all the guys on Total Drama who would you go out with? Okay Maybe ( If I was a cartoon charater) I would choose Tyler or Geoff. Geoff is like my boyfriend at school and Tyler is the Dream guy for girls like me.

Who do you like best on TDWT? Honestly, its ethier Lindsay or Heather, I know we are all suppost to hate heather and I did in TDI for what she did on TDI but I just love the way she is and how she sings, I have alwayed liked Lindsay for everthing abouther aswell.

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