• DaddysPrincessXXXX

    first Day

    June 22, 2011 by DaddysPrincessXXXX

    Okay! My First day on Total Drama Wiki. Sure I have been here before to look up some infomation but the first offical day it today. Wow so much to do edit and talk about! But first I'll tell you a bit about me.

    Im Livz and I am a 13 year old girl from England. I love Total Drama and 6teen they are my faviorte shows! Ok Right now me and my girl friend are in a fight so I guess my Best Friend now is Codie, We always hang out with my guy group of friends Silver, Josh and Tyler. Sometimes I even hang out with my boyfriend. No one at school (exepct Silver) Knows about total drama and I can say I am the biggest TDI TDA TDWT fan at school.

    So thats me and What I do lol x


    What TDI Charater do you think you are most like? I act like Brigett…

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