• DXc Fan

    my dream! :S

    November 12, 2009 by DXc Fan

    I had a really weird dream last week, actually two!! They were both about Total Drama Action-my first one was about the final two-Duncan and Beth- it was their final challenge and the challenge was a dance contest-weird i know-then i saw duncan talking to courtney, then courtney walked away, after it flicked over to chris telling the final two about their dance challenge, duncan groans, i didn't see beths reaction, then the scene changes to somewhere else and justin was flirting with courtney, duncan is mad with rage at justin but courtney doesn't seem to be affected by justins so-called charms! I then woke up. The next night i had a dream about Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action, i was downstairs watching TDI on Disney XD then I lo…

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