Gwen is my favorite character ever, she always had, and will allways be. She was an awsome taugh competitor on TDI, she was original, she didn´t followed anyone, and really didn´t care about what people said, she was also sweet somethimes, her relationship whit Trent was really cute... as I said she was simply awsome.

Then TDA arrived and, she change a lot, she had some troubles whit Trent and Duncan, then Trent went crazy and obssesed and they´re relationship end. A fter thatJustin blackmailed her, almost everyone in the game hated her for dumping Trent and she lost lots of fans.

Finally in TDWT she change a bit again, she had some development, she started a friendship whit Courtney, everyone seem to forgive her, and then... she kissed Courtne's boyfriend in the confessional. Lots of people hated her again and she was finally eliminated. Now she seem to be on good terms whit Trent.

If producers are planning to make Trent and Gwen remaing togheter at season five, I´ll be really upset, ´cause after all the drama they cuased between the rectangle, and all the changes and tha haters Gwen got, it would be unffair to return everything as it was at TDI.

Anyway, the reason to make this blog was to ask, do you like Gwen? are you a big fan? Do you hate her? Do you used to like her better? Do you hate any of her actions? or do you just don´t care about her? I just want to know your oppinion of her after TDWT.

Me, well I will always sopport her, no matter what sher ever does or says.

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