• DXGforever!

    Ok, there is a BIG possibility that producers make a season 5, so I was thinking, what will happen whit the love rectangle?

    I think there are two possibilities:

    1.Duncan and Gwen remain together.
    • In the first one, Trent and Courtney could get together or they could date someone else. (Or just remain single witch I doubt)

    2.Courtney and Duncan get back together, and Gwen most likely gets back whit Trent.

    • Gwen could also start to date Cody, however, due to Sierra’s attraction to him, I doubt so.

    I want your opinion, which option would you like better? I wrote down the pros of each option.

    Option #1:

    • Duncan and Gwen seem to really like each other.
    • They have a big pilot and story supporting Gwuncan.
    • Gwuncan relationship could be improved in season 5.
    • Cou…

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  • DXGforever!

    Gwen is my favorite character ever, she always had, and will allways be. She was an awsome taugh competitor on TDI, she was original, she didn´t followed anyone, and really didn´t care about what people said, she was also sweet somethimes, her relationship whit Trent was really cute... as I said she was simply awsome.

    Then TDA arrived and, she change a lot, she had some troubles whit Trent and Duncan, then Trent went crazy and obssesed and they´re relationship end. A fter thatJustin blackmailed her, almost everyone in the game hated her for dumping Trent and she lost lots of fans.

    Finally in TDWT she change a bit again, she had some development, she started a friendship whit Courtney, everyone seem to forgive her, and then... she kissed Cou…

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