Well, first of all, I have read the new rules about the blogs so I think I am allowed to do this, if not, please warn me :P

Anyways, I don't know how to start this... several problems with my internet got me out of the wiki for like... a lot of months, so I have to catch up with everything and fast!

Hmm... well... I missed everyone while I couldn't get here. And I must say a lot, so this is the first thing I opened when I got it back. Remembering my password was a bit hard I must say xD. I got some news thanks to Samtastic450, so I must say Thanks for the quick class.

I won't be editing much, as where I live there's something against TDWT and they have yet to air a single episode of it. Since I had a lot of time, I practiced a bit my english, so TDIFan13 won't be saying and/or correcting my mistakes as much. Anyways... after these few words, I must say I'm very happy to be back here, and I hope someone still remembers me XD, because I remember everyone who was here before my internet crash!

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