• DJ fan

    Nalyd's Awesome

    January 2, 2011 by DJ fan

    Nalyd's sooo awesome,

    Almost like Nekosome ;)

    That is Neko with TDAwesome

    But that's not the matter

    Because Nalyd will still be awesome

    And with these bad rhymes I hope you don't get fatter.

    Because Nalyd will always be awesome

    And I was totally NOT dared to say

    That Nalyd's awesome, just like Lindsay.

    Hopes this blog that I was NOT DARED TO write make you see how awesome Nalyd is. :)

    Now I continue this Blog with a song


    Here's a little song I was dared to write

    You wanna cover your ears before I start to sing

    Don't worry, be editing!

    TDAwesome and Neko's marriage did have some trouble

    And because of Bb's worry he's now bald.

    Don't worry, be editing!

    Cheeep, cheeep cheeep cheep cheep cheeeeeep

    Ain't go no place to put Chicken's unuseful trivia.


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  • DJ fan

    I'm getting back here

    September 16, 2010 by DJ fan

    Well, first of all, I have read the new rules about the blogs so I think I am allowed to do this, if not, please warn me :P

    Anyways, I don't know how to start this... several problems with my internet got me out of the wiki for like... a lot of months, so I have to catch up with everything and fast!

    Hmm... well... I missed everyone while I couldn't get here. And I must say a lot, so this is the first thing I opened when I got it back. Remembering my password was a bit hard I must say xD. I got some news thanks to Samtastic450, so I must say Thanks for the quick class.

    I won't be editing much, as where I live there's something against TDWT and they have yet to air a single episode of it. Since I had a lot of time, I practiced a bit my english,…

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