Attention all Total Drama Fans I was thinking that there should be a Movie based on the Total Drama Series called Total Drama The Movie. Here's what the Plot for the Movie will be.

Plot: After when the whole Total Drama Series was finally over. The Total Drama Contestants start a new life. Everything was going good, until trouble happens when Chris's old Collage Rival who is named Mark came and captured Chris and the other Total Drama Contestants. But for some reason. He send 10 of the Contestants (Gwen, Courtney, Lindsay, Heather, Duncan, Sierra, Zoey, Mike, Jasmine, and Shawn.) to Brazil where they will never come back to Canada. Mark's main goal is to blow up Canada in 5 days which will kill everyone who lives on Canada including the Total Drama Cast. Now it's up to the 10 Total Drama Contestants to get back to Canada, save their friends, and stop Mark for destroying Canada.

I originally posted it on Deviantart, but I feel like that I would like to talk about it again on Total Drama Wiki. All Total Drama characters from all three Generations will apper in this Movie. Also I was thinking that Total Drama The Movie should be released in Theaters and should have a PG-13 rating. 

So what do you guys think of that idea for a Total Drama Movie? Put your comment on the bottom to share your opinion.

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