Ok I just thought of some Total Drama Spin Offs that Fresh Tv should do so I will explain them to you guys. 

The Harold and Tyler Show: This Spin Off of the Total Drama Series stars Harold and Tyler going on some crazy adventures together. Plus there is a new character in the Spin Off that is a beagle puppy who is owned by Harold and the puppy's name is Napoleon.

The Drama Project: Chris decides to stop torturing the Contestants for now by doing a Spin Off that is a Musical Contest Show where the Contestants must sing their own Song Cover of some popular real life Songs.

Total Drama Kids: This Spin Off shows how the original 22 Contestants really first met each other. They actually met each other when they are kindergardeners and they go to School in almost every episode and their Teacher is named Kristen. All the designs for the Total Drama Kids will be the same TD Kids designs made by kikaigaku on Deviantart, and Kristen is also owned by kikaigaku as well.

Now I have talked about my ideas for some Total Drama Spin Offs on my Deviantart account, but I feel like that I would like to talk about them again on Total Drama Wiki by coping my text from my Total Drama Spin Offs Deviantart Journal. So what do you Total Drama Fans think of these ideas for Total Drama Spin Offs? Place your comment on the bottom to share your opinion.

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