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  • D1M3N510N5

    Hey everyone. So this is just an experiment. I am planning to do a video in my YouTube account called "Top Ten Most Popular Total Drama Contestants". It will feature 10 of the most popular Total Drama contestants in Total Drama history. But I need you're help. I need you all to give your opinion in this poll. It's simple! Just vote for your favourite contestant! In the end, the 10 contestants with the most votes qualify for the video! If this poll gets very little votes though, I would have to pospone the video. But that would be fine. It won't be the end of the world XD! This is just an experiment. But please vote! ;D

    Also, sorry for the typo in the title. It's meant to be "contestants" not "contestant".

    When this poll gets enough votes, I …

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  • D1M3N510N5

    Hello everyone! I know most of you won't care about this. But this is my very first blog post :P. So I won't be very used to this XD. Sorry if this is terrible.

    As you may now, the Total Drama Pahkitew Island contestant colour schemes have come out just recently. I have been waiting for them for ages and I was starting to get really impatient XD lol. But just when I was going to give up on waiting, they finally came :D!!!! HORRAY!!! Most of the designs were way off from what I expected and really shocked me. Some of them I saw coming (of course we saw Scarlett's design coming XP). I have lots to say about these designs. So I was like, why the hell not. Let's make a blog! XD

    Sky- I do like her design. I should have expected her to be Asian beca…

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