Hey, I'm new on the wiki, but I've already been a long time fan of the Total Drama series. Normally I don't watch reality shows that Total Drama is based on, but recently I caught up with one show which I personally think has an interesting concept. Ex on the Beach.

So for my fanmade season I will mainly parody Ex on the Beach in Total Drama Island EXtreme. The premise of the show will go as following and I will make a blog soon starting the first episode.

Total Drama Island EXtreme is a reality television series that is broadcast on TV. It features eight single men and women enjoying a summer holiday in paradise whilst looking for love. However, they were joined by their exes to shake things up. Each ex was there either for painful revenge or to rekindle their love. The show is hosted and narrated by Chris McLean.


Note that in the initial cast list only the eight singles are listed. Exes will join in later as well, many of the characters are veterans in the Total Drama series.


Male Singles

Female Singles

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