With Season Two of Countdown drawing to a close, Season Three signups starting up, it's about time to get this blog up and running. As a previous contestant on Countdown, I know what each editor needs to do in order to make it to the top, and as a result, this blog will be updated weekly with rankings, elimination editorials/interviews, tips and hints, until a winner is crowned.

To the contestants of Season Three: Good luck. You'll need it.

Season Kickoff

I realize that many other Countdown blogs have begun ranking contestants from best to worst, but it seems a bit too early to do so. So instead, I'll place each of the confirmed contestants into a tier list based upon their edit habits and activity before the competition begins. For those who feel that they were ranked lower than they should, don't complain in the comment section. Rather, make every effort to prove me wrong. Back when I competed, knowing where I stood in the eyes of others was a huge motivation, and hopefully, this will do the same for others.

Tier List
Users are listed within their tiers by alphabetical order, not by ranking.

Bottom Tier

  • Aimers- While Aimers does have a decent editcount, he has made many, many fluff edits to do so. I don't know how this will work for you in the competition, but in the meantime, he should work on making sure that his edits have a bit more substance to them. If he does this, he should be able to move up this list without an issue.
  • Kenzen11- According to your Contributions section, your last mainspace edit was in July... That's why you're here. I don't have much to say except for that, so...
  • Phil123- I only place you this low because compared to the other editors competing, you're at a slight disadvantage. It'll take a lot of hard work, but you have the potential to do well in this competition.

Middle Tier

  • Bbhinton15- Once a big name on the wiki, BB has since regressed a bit. Hopefully, he'll regain some of his lost glory in this competition. Knowing, BB it's a very likely possibility. -w-
  • Bigez620- An above-par editor, Bigez'll definitely be one to watch this season. He doesn't have the huge target on his back that a few others have, and I'll expect that he'll ake full use of this advantage.
  • Misstditylerfan- Love her or hate her, MTDITF's another great editor. She's been away for a while, but has since come back stronger than ever. I'd say that I have high hopes for her, but someone else probably has that covered for me.
  • TdiAlex- I'm sure that a lot of people will be surprised that I've placed you here, but for some reason, I like your odds in the competition. You're a solid editor, and your not a huge name on the wiki, which works in your favor.

Top Tier

  • Codyfan12- All last season, I saw Codyfan commenting on Countdown blogs, and I can tell you this: Dude knows how to play the game. Add that to his superior editcount, and you've got one mean, lean Cody lovin' editing machine. (Whose name isn't Sierra)
  • Jam7- Jam may have lost the election, but I don't see her going down without a fight in Countdown. Recently being promoted to an admin doesn't hurt, either.
  • Musou- While she may technically not be a contestant yet, it's clear that Nalyd's favorite is making it into the season. With a massive editcount, as well as the host's favor, Musou's a great candidate to make it to the end.
  • Webkinz Mania- Last, but certainly not least, Mr. Edits himself. WM is the prime example of an editor, making dozens of edits daily. The only obstacle he faces? School, which he has claimed has greatly detracted from his editing. Honestly, I don't think that school will factor in at all for WM, and he's my bet to make it to the Finals.

With that, this Season Kickoff is over. Make sure to keep reading as three more contestants will be added to the roster, but more importantly keep reading for all the excitement, all the Countdown insight, all the drama, and all the Crash that anyone would want (or not). Feel free to comment or ask questions; I'll be sure to answer as well as I can... or at least try.

Until Week One!

Crash 85

Season Kickoff, Part Deux

Now that the other participants of the upcoming countdown have been announced, it's time to rank them with the others. However, I'm feeling a bit lazy, so instead of simply adding them to the tier list from last week, I'll give my opinions here:

  • Codyfan9000/Little C- What is with all the Codyfans this season? Because of this, I can't use the generic name Codyfan until one of them is booted. So, until that happens, I'm officially dubbing Codyfan9000 Little C for the purposes of my writing. Fair enough? Competition-wise, Little C isn't an immediate threat, which he can work to his advantage. How? I'll leave him to figure out by himself. If I had to place Little C in the tier list from hast week, he'd be in the Bottom Tier, if only because his editcount isn't as high as a few other's. Nothing personal, and hopefully, I'll be proved wrong.
  • Musou- I've already talked about her, so yeah... moving right along...
  • NegativeNoah666- Just like Codyfan, NegativeNoah was another fan of Countdown who would always be seen commenting every week. He even had his own blog on the second season, so he seems to have a decent understanding of what he needs to do to win. NN666 is a strategic powerhouse, placing him in the Middle Tier. However, strategy alone isn't enough to win, so he'll need to work hard if he wants to make it to the end.
  • TDobsessed- There's not much to say about TDO right now, and I'm still trying to determine if that's a good thing or not... For the first time in a long while, I can't come up with anything right now. Bottom Tier.

I may have been a harsher than last post, but with the new season starting any week, I'm hoping that constructive criticism will help push the contestants to do their best.

Now, I'd like to introduce a new segment of this blog: Countdown Tips and Hints. It's pretty self explanatory, but they could be the difference between winning and losing.

Countdown Tips and Hints #1- The First Week

I'm sure that many, if not all of you, know the phrase "first impressions are everything". While this isn't necessarily true in a few situations, it is completely, absolutely, 100%, totally true for Countdown. Week One usually establishes your role in the competition. Are you a weak editor who will fly under the radar? Will you emerge as a strong editor and have a huge target on your back? Or will you just stay with the pack? Depending on your strategies or lack thereof, each player will play the game differently, and you can usually get an insight into another person's actions during the first week. Knowing how you will come into the season will help make sure that you won't make an early exit.

Weeks One and Two

Am I the only one shocked and confused about the first two weeks of this competition? It's been difficult tracking who's been competing or not, mostly in part to the new wiki style that I can no longer chance via Preferences (Am I the only one who doesn't like it?). Well, to say that the competition's been eventful would be fair enough. First, Misstditylerfan quits, causing

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